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The Saturdays

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. So good to hear her sing. Towards the end of The Saturdays her vocals were starting to crack a bit but she sounds amazing here. I would love more music from her. Low Key is such a bop
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  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Gorgeous in every way!
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  3. I was at a Brazilian coffee shop in Dublin this morning and they were playing Not Giving Up on their speakers. I obviously pretended to be still thinking of my order while bopping.
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  4. I loved Chapter One but Chapter Two was sublime, seemed she really found her footing in 2017 which made an otherwise personally somber year tolerable.
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  5. Marvelle have renewed their vows for their 10th anniversary

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  6. Sporty Saturday is at it:

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  7. Una always makes me question my sexuality. Absolutely gorgeous woman!
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  8. Not our Rochelle doing political interviews! You go girl!
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  10. Tik Tok seems to be having a bit of a moment with Higher with people sharing their attempts at copying the Frankie hair cut.
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  11. The King is about to conquer Discovery+

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  12. 11 years today since All Fired Up was released.
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  13. [​IMG]
  14. At this time, there were so many great singles being released either a few weeks before or after the Saturdays! This was a brilliant time for pop!
    • Saturdays - All Fired Up
    • Leona Lewis - Collide
    • Nicola Roberts - Lucky Day
    • Sugababes - Freedom
    • Will Young - Jealousy
    • Olly Murs - Heart Skips a Beat
    • JLS - She Make Me Wanna
    There were a few others, but these stuck out for now! All Fired Up really was that moment and they deserved that number one for this single. Was such a shame it didn’t emerge!
  15. It’ll be 11 years since the now iconic photo won’t it?

    All Fired Up really did deserve the number 1. I hope one day we will hear them perform it live again!
  16. I thought the iconic photo was from Missing You release week? They were so sure it was going number 1.
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  17. Oh maybe it was. I always thought it was when All Fired Up got to number 1 on iTunes, and then it was overtaken by Pixie Lott within hours?
  18. It was!
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  19. I am not being bitter, but I don’t believe Pixie Lott deserved the number one slot with ‘All About Tonight’.

    You had Maroon 5’s ‘Move Like Jagger’, Leona Lewis’ ‘Collide’ and the Saturdays themselves all competing and then all of a sudden, Pixie leaps into first place.

    It definitely smelt like record labels had purchased the number one spot for her and there was a bit of label deception going on. Bitter? Maybe. But I still think the songs mentioned were of higher quality and more deserving.
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  20. Pixie was coming off the back of a blockbuster era, Leona fell off, Maroon 5 was a grower, The Saturdays were The Saturdays... Pixie was just more popular.
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