The Saturdays

Exactly - they only really had a few duds (Get Ready Get Set, White Lies, Leave A Light On)
Get Ready Get Set and White Lies are literally discography highlights. I always had a soft spot for Leave A Light On too & imagined a cute Christmassy video for it.

I think most of the albums are definitely very patchy, with some real duds, but overall still very charming. They have some truly brilliant B-Sides too, often better than what actually made the albums ddd.
Oh my god that Up demo that has the If This Is Love intro is something I had YEARS AGO and somehow lost and I've been looking for it ever since!
The issue with the Saturdays performances is that unfortunately Una, Rochelle and Mollie are rather woody in their stance. Simple/complicated steps were never the issue. The problem is that their choreographers didn't work to find moves that suit them, as simple as that.

Spice Girls and Girls Aloud to name two bands were never dancers but I think they had better teams to make them look effortless; whilst the Sats felt they were always counting the steps on their heads.

Having said that, I've seen them live 4 times and I'd pay good money to see them performing again.