The Saturdays

They could definitely pull off a decent sized reunion tour. Nostalgia is everything right now.

Everyone in the UK knows The Saturdays. They might not have had Girls Aloud’s pull factor in terms of touring success during their original run, but their songs are instantly recognisable and generally quite loved.

I could definitely see a reunion tour doing better than their previous ones.
For those who have it blocked in their country (hateful!):
"There are no plans for any reunions and I don't think they'd happen anytime soon but obviously they're always there on the table, maybe but other than that, I don't think so." When asking Frankie which band she was referring to, she told us:

"I always think more The Saturdays, as S Club Juniors feels forever a go now, but I don't know. Never say never, everyone always asks us. Obviously when other people perform, when S Club did it, it was like S Club Juniors and then Girls Aloud and then it was The Saturdays. The option is always there but obviously, everyone's got to be on the same page at the same time."

Sharing her favourite part about being in The Saturdays, the star told us: "Just being on tour was just my favourite thing, obviously doing music videos and stuff, it's hard work but the outcome is fun. But touring is what it's all about, getting to do an hour and a half live show, every night with an arena full of fans singing your songs back to you, dancing and having dancers and a band, that to me is what it was all about. When both bands finished that was the main thing that I was like, 'Oh my god, I'm never going to get to do that again. I don't miss it on a daily basis but then if I go and watch a live show I'm like 'Ah I really want to do it' but only when I'm there."
Blessed that she thinks of The Saturdays before the S Club Juniors (respectfully!) If I had to choose between the two for a reunion I would pick The Saturdays in a heartbeat. I love that she still has a passion for doing it/values what she got out of it. There's potential! Hoping that it really does just come down to where they're at in life and if it all aligns with all of them being available/open to it at the same time. They're actually quite ambitious with consistently being booked for the most part, it's nice to see them booked and busy with projects and I can see why they would want to per that instead of revisiting The Saturdays.
They will undoubtedly reunite within the next couple of years unless one of them has more children. Ten years since the split is more than enough time for them to achieve whatever they wanted individually and for the nostalgia to kick in. It’s a no-brainer.
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I met Una this weekend after her Christmas show with Luke Thomas and the Swing Cats. She was kind enough to sign my Headlines CD booklet and took some time to say hi to the people that stayed in the audience.

I told her that her Pride show in Vicar St. was great and that she should tour it and she said that those (Saturdays) songs deserved to be out there and, in a joking manner, said that she might as well do it since nobody else wants to. It was said for a laugh, so don't take it as true on an individual basis, but it does not seem that there are reunion plans at the moment. She also mentioned that Nadine had been doing the same, so she might have got the idea from her.

Her show was great! She looked stunning in both her outfits and she sang and moved great in songs like These Boots are Made for Walkin'.
Just bite the bullet and get the Juniors back together for a one off. They'd be the absolute perfect Hoopla pick (although I don't want to go to Hoopla dd)
Rochelle and Frankie are both well-respected and in a good public position, sorry for being this low-brow but reuniting with S Club Junior for more than a one-off event would not be in their best interest.