The Saturdays

I was being comparative.

That's still a small launch compared to the platform that Girls Aloud or, more recently, Little Mix had.
Girls Can't Catch also opened for Girls Aloud on their Out Of Control tour, and they flopped majorly. How many people they (or The Saturdays) performed for is irrelevant.
Especially seeing as a lot of those 60,000 people are the ones who I'm sure dislike like The Saturdays because of Girls Aloud. They launched off of a fan base in which ended up turning on them, on top of being launched into pop, which is looked down upon in a sense.
I demand that The Saturdays sell 'Faster' to Little Mix (sorry for mentioning them), but they'd be perfect for that god damn song! If it was remixed and wasn't as synthy and more urban pop
LegoLand said:
I demand that The Saturdays sell 'Faster' to Little Mix (sorry for mentioning them), but they'd be perfect for that god damn song! If it was remixed and wasn't as synthy and more urban pop

LOL I think your display pic of Cheryl says please withdraw that statement ,her expression says it all.
Yes, I don't think there's any doubt about that.

Seanie said:
The problem is, they probably only have about 2/2 and a half months before they lose Una for about 6 months.

Thats assuming she is able / available to work up until 4 weeks before she pops. You can cite as many cases of women working upto the date of the birth as you like - its not as if she'll be sat at a desk 8 hours a day.

I wouldn't be surprised if they drew a line under this album and used Una's maternity leave as an excuse to try solo projects etc and return later in the year / 2013 with a hits collection.

Mollie's the only one who has solo work waiting for her. She was pretty good at presenting the Teen Awards, she could get other gigs like that pretty easily. The others might not be so lucky although Rochelle has presenting experience too. They've said they're going to America, I can see them trying out other markets without Una if they abandon the album but I don't think they will.

There's nothing to say the next album won't flop either. It's still quite possible things pick up in the new year. They should do at least one or two singles even if they lose Una for one and I think they will.
he / him
This excerpt from an Attitude article made me laugh:

They are the biggest girl band in the country right now with a pocketful of number one singles and an arena tour in the works...
I honesty think The Sats are over.

Two flop albums out of four, plus a "decent" selling EP.
Una pregnant.
Frankie ill/part time.
Arrival of Little Mix.
Underperforming tour.
No buzz/hype around them at all.
Were the default biggest girlband in the UK for three years and still failed to get a #1 single, a proper sized hit or any sort of attention besides Daily Mail pictures.
Only 3/11 singles have managed to reach 300K (which isn't even amazing).

I'm seeing them tonight in Glasgow and i'm going to damn well make sure I enjoy it because it'll probably be the last time I see them live!
Bloody hell, what is this talk of Little Mix stealing the crown as best girl group? By the time they release their debut album, everyone will be over them. The Saturdays aren't over yet.
The whole The Saturdays are over stuff is getting really tiresome.

All because the album peaked at 23 even though it had sales not far off from their usual first week.

Yes, there have been mistakes made in this album campaign. My Heart Takes Over wasn't properly promoted, neither was the album. Having a tour at the same time hasn't been a good idea.

But Glasgow tonight was packed!!
The new album is great and has plenty of hits on it!
When The Wanted came about was everyone going "OH MY GOD JLS are over"? No. Well, this is PopJustice so probably yes.

JLS have the right idea though, if they can't be more popular than One Direction (not quite sure how justified that is), then join them on stage a few times for a collaboration.