The Saturdays

It's a Chris Braide track, when they've got The Alias putting together songs at a fraction of the cost of a Chris Briade track, you're not going to get a Chris Briade track as a B side. Nor would Chris Braide be happy if you gave away his song as a B side.
Perhaps it won't be a re-release of On Your Radar, but just a replacement release. Much like they did with Chasing Lights after Just Can't Get Enough was released.


Off-topic but they played My Heart Takes Over at a store of the largest Dutch supermarket yesterday. Bizarre. Even Notorious and All Fired Up weren't released here, let alone single number three. Strange, but so lovely to hear them over here! Wish it were in a club, but still.
flapjack- said:
Scaper said:
Like I've said before, it's probably too expensive to give away as a B side. There's a reason why they specifically record their B sides with less well known producers... If it ever appears on anything it'll be on an album which is what they're struggling to sell, not singles.

We don't even know who produced it, let alone how much it'd cost them. They've done b-sides with the same people working on the album in some instances, I wouldn't exactly call Turn Myself In a budget breaker. I wouldn't call it expensive to include at all.

I think they'll do and pay whatever it takes at this point, They've spent so much, and now its do or die, they have got to get this right for them, nothings worked this era, and they deserve to be as successful as girls aloud and the spice girls. I love the Saturdays and I love that song.


lauc05 said:
I don't think My Heart Takes Over would work very well in a club, haha.

It would, especially when a girl sees her boyfriend dancing with another girl.
Rmx said:
Off-topic but they played My Heart Takes Over at a store of the largest Dutch supermarket yesterday.

I've heard 'The Way You Watch Me' at H&M in Moscow, followed by Alesha's 'Do It Our Way'. Cheap clothes and great music makes is the best store to go over here, ha.

By the way, what was the girlband who released a single with Travie?
Scaper said:
StooShe. They're currently in the top 10 in the UK.

Oh, right. Still a weird reason to cancel a single release, but I guess the label didn't believe in the track that much to begin with.
Mixael said:
Oh, right. Still a weird reason to cancel a single release, but I guess the label didn't believe in the track that much to begin with.

They did a similar thing with Wordshaker. Both One Shot and Here Standing were lined up as follow ups to Ego at one point or another.
Scaper said:
shadow2009 said:
Some sites are quoting April 29th as a release date.

They get their information from places like this. The title was posted here first by saturdays20, Hotel_Paper said it was out in April, I said the other day that I'd heard the release date was 29th, now the sites quote 29th April. As far as I know nothing is concrete yet which is why there has been no big announcement, if they announce it too early, someone will just place their single in the same week for an easy ride. They need to make sure no one big is releasing a single in the same week.

This is true.. I wouldn't mind them keeping it all hush hush officially for a while longer now to prevent something like that happening.

This is random but I was thinking yesterday.. if/since the single is called 30 Days it'd be cool if each day in April they released something to tease the fans.. video teasers, lyric teasers, pictures from the video set, stuff like that etc since there's 30 days in April and it's rumoured to be slated for release on the 29th (obviously on the 30th day the fans would have the full song). Just thought it'd be something different and a good way to get interest. Although they'd probably run out of stuff to tease/build hype with halfway through and people might get bored.. so maybe this is flawed.
facesincondensation said:
I love how the Daily Mail are such Mollie stans!

Haha it's cute. They chose the right one to stan for.

It would never happen but I'm wishing Simon Cowell somehow learns about her, sits up and takes note of her, falls in love with her like everyone else and gets her in to replace Kelly Rowland on XF and she can take over everything. Perfect. And boost The Saturdays too!

And she would do the most AMAZING hairflips ever in the judges intros. I think she has the most star appeal out of all the girls now. Rochelle second.
Shocking as it may seem, the music industry aren't sat waiting for The Saturdays to announce their new single so they can announce an even bigger act to fuck it up for them.
Its wishful thinking, but I honestly think she's got the right amount of charisma, talent and likability to make a judging role work.