The Saturdays

Too much teasing just gets annoying, theres no reason why a 3.5 minute video needs 5+ teasers, especially when they are all basically the same with a few different frames. For me, ideally I'd like a 30second snippet of the song, then 2 or 3 days later the radio premiere, 3 or so days later the artwork revealed... and then a few days after that the video premiere. But I don't mind too much I'm just worried they'll premiere this early and any hype they do create will be gone by the time it is released.
RobR said:
They really need a number one soon.

It might sound trivial but I think it'd give them a bit of a boost.

I just find it hilarious (in a sad way) that The Sats have been #1 in the midweeks three times (I count 'All Fired Up' since the Tuesday midweeks had Pixie at #1 with 39.6K and The Sats at #2 with 38.4K but 'Ladykiller' and 'I Need A Dollar' hadn't been combined to the main sales yet as both were also in the top 40 midweeks and i'm sure them combined would have gave them more than a 1.2K boost for The Sats) and constantly miss the mark with every single they release, yet acts like Cover Drive can come from nowhere and get a #1 with their second single with ease.
shadow2009 said:
Great publicity for them, would be a perfect time to premiere the new single....

Why joke? People have done far worse things to capitalise on a bit of publicity. I wouldn't hold it against them at all if they used the good timing to their advantage!

I should add big congratulations to Ben and Una!
Blasting All Fired Up right now. How cute! Hope all 3 of them are well.

RochelleTheSats @RochelleTheSats
A beautiful girl has entered the world today and, I'm her aunty #blessed I'm so proud of @unahealy @ben_foden BIG love! Xx

RochelleTheSats @RochelleTheSats
@ben_foden Congrats big Daddy!! I cannot wait to get my ass to the hospital!

Mollie King @MollieTheSats
Congratulations to my beautiful @unahealy and @ben_foden! I couldn't be more proud! What gorgeous parents u will make! I want to seeee her!

Francesca Sandford @FrankieTheSats
@ben_foden congrats. So excited!!! Big hug... Don't forget Una on mothers day Sunday! How cool. Ur mum and dad! X

vanessa white @vanessawhite
Congratulations @ben_foden @unahealy and baby! So happy!! Xxx