The Saturdays

The complete song ? I'm not so sure... I can see Amazon leaking a snippet as I said.

I think they would have told us is something was to come on Friday. Well, I guess they still can, but that's a bit late to inform the fans "that the premiere is Friday". In my opinion.

I don't remember when they told us about the premiere of All Fired Up and My Heart Takes Over.
They premiered All Fired Up on Chris Moyles, right? They told us on Tuesday and they premiered on Thursday. I don't mind the short notice.

For now, all I ask is for a 10-second preview.
Why were you shocked? Teen shows use music aimed at teens, it's not unusual. I actually hear their music on TV quite a bit, Dancing On Ice used the Ego instrumental the other week. EastEnders love Notorious, The X Factor loves Just Can't Get Enough, Snog, Marry, Avoid use Lose Control a lot and Four Weddings use Missing You.
Skins has been using heavy dubstep, electronic and anything but pop such as The Saturdyas. It only ever pops out occasionally through an entire generation. I'm surprised they chose it to be played on that specific show, not that they're being played.
I imagine it was used ironically? But I suppose there's also a difference between the aesthetic of Skins as a series and the audience it's trying to market itself to, and that audience probably has a fair bit of cross-over with Saturdays/pop fans.
Notorious is and was amazing. Even from the Amazon snippet.

I remember how everyone was going crazy about it, saying that the way the song was building itself, a big chorus was probably going to burst out. Ahh, irony...

Anyway, my question was when did they announce the premiere date ? A whole week before it ? Only three days ? etc.
Well "All Fired Up" isn't really the most "pop" song from The Saturdays, is it ? Considering the lyrics, how "ravy/dance" it is, I think it suits the show. Not in "it should be the generic song!" kind of way, but yeah, I don't see how it is surprising to hear that song in the background...
Mandy-Fan said:
I don't see how it is surprising to hear that song in the background...

The majority of the music they've been using is not anything similar to The Saturdays, and usually is just instrumental stuff, that's all. It's not like I'm saying I had a had a heart attack over hearing it, it's simply unexpected based on their formula for how they manage the audio in the show itself.
Does this mean they've finally gotten it right?
When I read 'very Pop' I thought of Up/Ego/Higher and if this song is going to be of that magnitude then they're off to a good start.
mylesofsmiles93 said:
Surely they got to get it right eventually, can't they see the correlation of their successful songs?

I think we established a while ago that their A&R is really dumb. How else could you explain how after being sent both Ina's demos and the final versions, he still doesn't notice that a lot of the songs have Ina's vocals just lazily copied and pasted under theirs?
I remember asking Steve Mac, on Twitter why he makes her voice so prominent and he replied 'I don't '. I don't know whether he's trying cover up the obvious or there's something else happening. I remember seeing Ina listed as vocal producer on a couple of their songs (some she wasn't even involved with writing iirc) so maybe therein lies the problem.

Anyway, the funny thing is (regarding their singles) is that I think their team is fully aware of the '2nd single eclipsing the lead' pattern. It's happened 4 times in a row now, they can't be that stupid. The problem with that strategy is that they think the 2nd single is going to sell the album but like I said already the Sats are not that type of act.
I think someone emailed Ina's website asking and the reply was that it's not her decision as she's not involved in the production once the demo is finished. I'm guessing her vocal arrangement credit comes from the demo.

Either Steve doesn't feel he is using her vocals too much or he just didn't want to admit to it. He's the most guilty of it though. It's quite subtle on Ego and Faster but Karma, Notorious and My Heart Takes Over are too Ina heavy.

I hope if they go for another almost generic but still Saturdaysish dance pop song again, it's as good as this: