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The Scary Jokes (Let's Eat Grandma but boppier)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Inland Empire, Jan 7, 2019.

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    Randomly came across this album and gave it a shot because there's not a whole lot else to listen to in January...and I love it! I'd describe it as somewhere between Let's Eat Grandma and Uffie. 'Jeannie... You're a Tragedy' and 'Death, Thrice Dawn' are the most immediate bops if you want a starting point, and 'Crushed Out on Soda Beach' is also well worth a listen.

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  2. Yes!!!

    I hadn't shared this here yet, but so glad you did. (and that someone else on PJ likes this album. It's a bit... 'different'. ha!)

    I'm taking part in @ohnostalgia 's 2019 Album Challenge & I randomly discovered this album via this week while looking for my first January album to listen to.

    I drafted a mini-capsule review to add to my 'challenge results post' that I was going to share at then end of the month (when I'll share a little blurbs about all 7 new albums I plan to listen to each month), but sufficive to say... I have been obsessed with this album this week.

    Here's my capsule thoughts/review from my drafted post

    • 1. The Scary Jokes: Burn Pygmalion!!! A Better Guide To Romance
      • So, my first new album of 2019 is quirky as hell. Haha! I randomly found this while looking at the weekly new releases at How to describe this? Wow. I’m usually good at the game of saying: “ this is _____ meets ______.”, but this one is tough.
      • My first thoughts were that sonically it has the low-key/quirky vibe of Beach Boys’ albums like Love You (or even parts of Smiley Smile) meets they lyrical details of Emmy The Great's songwriting meets the narrative concept of a quirky tv show like Search Party. Got all that! (I’d call the album a ‘Roller Skating Rink Soap Opera Musical’.)
      • It’s basically a concept album that tells a complicated love story about an entertainment journalist and their movie star girlfriend. It’s super weird, but I really like it. Goes without saying this album might be a divisive choice on PJ.
      • I’d rate it an 8.7, but I will be listing this this more. I’m of this band fan, now. Fave song is ’Crushed Out on Soda Beach’.
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