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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by EnsnareTheSenses, May 18, 2011.

  1. Hello!

    I was thinking about starting a thread for this show, purely because it is simultaneously one of the most depressing yet entertaining things I've ever watched. I don't know whether it's exclusive to Scotland or not, but I'm sure it would be fairly easy to find and watch on the internet if you live in a different country and are interested. Be warned, it might blow your mind. Essentially, the show follows several groups of people living in a housing scheme in Kilmarnock (about 20 miles outside of Glasgow) and shows their day to day lives and troubles. A bit like Scotland's own 'Poundstretcher' version of 'The Hills'. Interested? Read on...

    So, it first premièred on our screens a few months ago, only to be delayed half-way through because legally, they couldn't show the final few episodes due to one/some of the participants being up in court (no surprise there then.)

    But now it's back, and the first 'new' episode is due to be aired on Monday. I cannot wait.
    There have been so many highlights so far, but two of my favourite moments have been:

    'Pregnant' Dana taking about her fight with Marvin: "He kneed me in the stomach but ah don't fink he meant it."

    'Pregnant' Candice talking about her unborn baby: "I don't believe in abortions." *whilst lighting up a cigarette*
  2. dmc


    Let's not forget


    You can't get classier than that folks.
  3. Ooft.

    And you know something is seriously wrong when the most civilised being in a TV show is a dog. Named 'Bullet'.
  4. dmc


    Someone round my bit actually has a dog named Bullet, before the show came out. As you can imagine, last summer I nearly died when I heard somebody shout on it.
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