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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. We did see an image of another character in a daytime shot, so it could be a reaction to their death too?

    About deaths being revealed: Cici’s full death was unfortunately in the Scream 2 trailer. Adam Brody’s and Alison Brie’s were in the Scream 4 trailer. However, some could be “staged” like Billy, Charlie, Mickey and Roman. And others could just be attacks.
  2. If I don't see a Rebekah Vardy mock-up of this on my Twitter timeline before the night closes

  3. With them revisiting the past, I wish Debbie Salt was alive to experience this. She’d be so proud.
  4. The trailer is GREAT. I got chills! It looks really dark and serious and I love how they've brought it into the 2020s with the technology etc. Bring on January!
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  5. If you pause it, it looks like it’s Sidney standing in front of the person on fire (same jacket). So I get the sense she’s very involved in the finale.
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  6. They also revealed who died in the opening in the Scream 2 trailer. There’s clearly lots of deaths. It’s a horror movie, they can’t exactly show a trailer without showing people in peril.

    From the trailer, I don’t think we saw the person in the wheelchair from the front? I feel like maybe that will be Jenna Ortega’s character after the opening and the trailer is just a red herring.
  7. Yeah and it looks like Stu’s kitchen so that’s why I’m hoping it’s not Gale. Praying she’s knocked out in a van in a ditch again
  8. Us:



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  9. The person on fire looks like they have a light blue top on with dark sleeves (possible jacket) and definitely long, dark hair.

    Gale is wearing a blue top in the trailer. I swear to fucking god. Just no.

    However, I am absolutely convinced that Dewey is getting it. He's going hand to hand with Ghostface, and it doesn't look like it goes well for him. Then the shots of both Judy and Gale screaming. Let's be honest, Gale would only react like that for either Sid or Dewey.

    Woo lord. This looks amazing. Is it January yet?
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  10. Jenna Ortega's character is the one in the wheelchair in the trailer apparently, so she survives her opening scene attack.
  11. Interesting in the trailer they use the word ‘attacks’ not kills or murders etc. So I’m assuming it’s not just a simple death scene we see.
  12. It already looks way better than 4.
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  13. Ahhhhhh it looks so fucking gooooood! And I'm not taking any of the attacks in the trailer as deaths because we don't actually see them die nn.

    That's what I was hoping so yay!
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  14. Some of the attacks in the trailer I’m going to treat as red herrings
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  15. If they were going to kill Gale off, I can’t imagine they’d do it by setting her on fire. At least I’m praying they wont….
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  16. I have a feeling that's not the opening scene at all, and we haven't seen anything from it.

    I feel like Selena Gomez will die first, and they're keeping it a secret.
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  17. There’s been so many “she is/she isn’t” rumours about Selena being in this. But if she is,
    she might be the Amber character Tara was texting?
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  18. Still haven‘t watched the trailer ddd but rumor about the opening was always:

    Selena and Jenna’s character get attacked. Jenna‘s character survives. The synopsis said an attack brings a woman back to Woodsboro. And that woman is Jenna‘s sister which is played by Melissa‘s character.

    Now Selena‘s involvement has been denied if I‘m not wrong but could we actually get an opening attack instead of kill this time?
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  19. I know it's a slim chance but I hope Marley Shelton doesn't die/isn't the killer.

    The tagline being "It's always someone you know", is making me think it's too obvious to look at the cast and that they'll bring back one of the killers/someone we thought was dead from the first two movies. Even though they seemed very dead, it's the horror genre after all.

    Debbie Salt hive rise!
  20. We had all of these Selena Gomez rumours in 2010/2011 as well.

    Remember we used to get Jennifer Aniston rumours all the time too?
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