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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The mere idea of Gale or Sidney biting the dust....


    Dewey on the other hand...

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  2. If they continue the franchise without Neve/Courtney/David at all.... I don't see a lot of the legacy fans sticking around for future films.
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  3. I know that they resurrected the Scream franchise on the back of Halloween massive success in 2018, but I’m a bit worried about the whole approach as I don’t want Scream 2 3 and 4 to be sidelined in the story. I know they won’t completely as Judy is back but the whole « let’s build around the original mythology » bugs me. Hope I’m proved wrong though.
  4. I think the killer(s) will have something to do with the original Scream and that‘s why they are pushing it so much.

    Plus 2&3 were outside Woodsboro and I don‘t know how much they will reference 4 although the youngsters should have been kids around the time so they lived through it.
  5. Edu


    Based on the trailer and the character description for this movie I have my own theory about Dewey.
    Well, he's not the sheriff anymore, he's not married to Gale and he's still stuck in Woodsboro... He's a survivor too and even lost his sister in the original attacks but the famous final girl was always Sidney. I'm sure there's some resentment about the whole tragedy there and what his life has become after everything the trio went through, while he sees a new generation of people related to the killers and victims living their lives oblivious of what really happened in the past. And the trailer shows him being attacked and Sidney and Gale getting ready to face the killer without him.
    Do you guys think that instead of finally dying, this time he could actually be the...
  6. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

  7. Sidney dying would be a disservice to the franchise. I'd add Gale too but I feel she's somewhat less safe.

    I feel as though someone assumed dead from the early movies (even if them being alive is done in a far fetched way) is going to turn out to be the killer in this one. It's the only way to make it a gag, without making one of the main 3 the killer.
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  8. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    This one’s meant to be restarting the franchise, I think the killer ultimately has to be someone new, with a motive not tied to Sydney at all.
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  9. I would rather have no Sidney and Gale then have them die. Especially Sid after all she's been through. She should be allowed to be happy. While I do think this one will tie in with the first film I don't think the motive will have anything to do with Sidney. She's helping out the new kids because she would feel bad if she didn't plus probably part of it will be vengeance for Dewey lets be honest.

    As far as Dewey I know we joke that we are over him but I do think it will be emotional. I'm impressed with David's performance in the trailer alone honestly then anything he did in 3 and 4. Even if you hate him the effect it will have on Sidney and Gale will definitely bring some much needed pathos to the film.
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  10. I'm full expecting a movie that's absolutely nothing like what the trailer is suggesting it is. Those directors aren't going to just churn out a run of the mill slasher film, where the killer is one of the group of the kids we meet, as that's what's expected.

    I think we're in for some major twists and agree with @Joe. that the killer reveal will be a callback.

    The one scene in the trailer that I cannot make sense of is why Dewey empties the barrel of his gun before his fight with Ghostface. Why the fuck would you do that? Yes, it looks pretty badass in the trailer but it makes no sense for a cop to do that.
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  11. The directors said several times during Discord how great the script is and made everyone sign for the movie so I truly hope it‘s clever.
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  12. None of the main 3 should die. Look at the fuckery when they killed off Laurie Strode 1.0 in Halloween Resurrection.
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  13. Just look at Ms Campbell.
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  14. I feel like they might get rid of Dewey just to give Sidney more reason to stick around. If Sidney or Gale get killed off then this film would have to be really good for me to claim it dd.
  15. So there seems to be a rumour going around about the start of the film, and it might be pure stan fiction, but it might also make sense on past social media posts?
    Apparently Selena Gomez is playing Jenna Ortega's older sister, and she's the first kill of the movie, having interrupted Ghostface's attempt to kill Jenna, and that's why Jenna escapes to probably be the character in the wheelchair later on.
    Whomst knows, I guess.
  16. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I thought there was a spoiler going around (posted in this thread) that basically outlined the whole opening?

    Two sisters(?) are attacked in the same house and the scene ends with one of them coming to after the attack, presumably with a scream for added drama. Amber, Jenna Oretega’s sister, and Jenna being the 3 attacks mentioned in the trailer. Ready for Ms. Ortega to serve pissed off Final Girl survivor.
  17. If Selena Gomez is indeed in the opening, it must be the best kept secret in the industry as multiple people have seen the movie and are denying it. Not saying it's not true but they've done a great job keeping it under wraps.
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  18. I keep getting confused by the Selena Gomez thing as well. I wonder if maybe her scenes were cut from test screenings to keep it from leaking? Films have been known to omit big surprises, but would they go that far?

    On the other hand, would they do an opening where nobody dies? With that in mind it would seem likely there is someone else in the scene we don’t know about. I wouldn’t say Sam because doesn’t she come back to town as a result of what happened to Tara?
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  19. I feel like I should watch Ready Or Not to get a feel for these directors. Is it worth the watch?
  20. Absolutely. It gave me complete faith in Radio Silence to do the Scream universe justice long before the trailer dropped.
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