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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. That long blue cardigan Sid wears in Scream 4? I was on Ghostface’s side for that one I’m afraid.
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  3. I hope I can get this Scream steelbook in the store when it comes out. I didn't pre-order it like a dummy and Amazon says it wouldn't arrive until November 2nd.
  4. Seeing this makes me happy because I was concerned when I saw Gale in the trailer! Glad to see we will have a fashion moment from our queen.

  5. Mine isn't as pretty but
    Part of me really suspects Sam but I don't think having a character with mental health issues be the killer would be the best look plus it might reek of Jill all over again. I think Sam could die and then Tara be the surprise final girl. Two female killers haven't been done though so I could see them going that way. Also I think Wes would seem like an easy red herring but I could see him being a new Randy especially being named after Wes Craven.
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  6. I watched the new 25 years docu on the new Scream 4k but it‘s just 7 minutes and not in depth.

    It was still nice to see the new cast talk a bit too.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I really just wanna see how the new characters are linked to the original film(s) and how they incorporate 5 into the series overall. They have the potential to really make this make sense, unlike the shoehorning in 3 and less so in 4.
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  8. Why does Vince not have a surname? Who is he?
  9. How old is he supposed to be? It's surely way too obvious for him to be the unknown child of Billy? He even has long greasy pulled back hair like him. But now having said that, they'd be as well putting a neon sign above him pointing to it.
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  10. He could be his little (half) brother maybe.
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  11. I thought about that but we've already had the unknown brother reveal with Roman. I'd hope we don't get it again.

    It's very weird he has no surname and they're making it look like it's a massive reveal. But really, he could have any name in the world and they could have just written his character as having changed it to hide their identity if they really wanted to and then he wouldn't be the one on the cast list with no surname.
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  12. I mean Sam says they attack (or kill) people related to the original killers.

    Now do they mean blood related or related as in their family was there too in Woodsboro.

    I mean Liv is called McKenzie like the neighbors of Casey Becker. So is she related enough?
  13. Regarding Gale's scream/ reaction, we have no idea what kinds of relationships they will have set up for her and any other character/s between and during the film, I think they could have put that reaction in specifically because everyone will assume it's Dewey or Sidney.
  14. Maybe Gale has a teenage kid or something. Do we know how many years this is after Scream 4?
  15. Gale isn't reacting to anyone's death. It's a character who has the nerve to criticise her bangs circa 2000.

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  16. I hear the new transfer is really nice and corrects the Blu-Ray (which I have never watched but, according to many on, it's one of the "worst Blu-Rays ever").
  17. Honestly the thing at the very top of my wish list by far is for the lore to be expanded in a consistent and high-quality way so that in 2026 I'm walking out of the final Scream film feeling like I've just watched the natural conclusion to a seven-part series where each chapter mattered.

    I don't mind them messing with the lore a bit, even. Obviously this film and any further ones were never planned, so some jiggery pokery is needed if they wanna make it feel like it was always going this way. But hey if they can do half as good a job as Fast and Furious did at making it feel like they had a plan the whole time when actually they were making it up as they go, I'll be happy.
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  18. Only 10
  19. Honestly I do think it was a mistake not to give Gale or Sidney kids. That could be smart long term thinking since everything gets rebooted at some point. I still hate that we know nothing about Gale’s life outside of these murders. She’s the only long term character like that.

    Also, I hope for Scream 6 we take a trip out of Woodsboro. I feel like two back-to-back high school based Woodsboro films is enough for now. The change of scenery added a lot to 2 & 3.
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