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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Totally agreed @VicePresidentJocasta and @johnoclock. Even though I love the third film, it is the only one that lacks any tension/sense of brutality. The kills are weak, the characters are throwaway and yes Parker does the damn thing but she would never work in 1, 2 or 4 because Jennifer is so... big. Instead of raising the stakes in the third and "final" part of the trilogy, they really went for comedy and mystery over scares and tension. I know it had a complicated production (and Columbine I believe?), but so did Scream 2 and that is the best horror sequel of all time in my opinion.
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  2. That's the thing, Scream movies are actual horror movies, it's just that the characters live in our world and are aware of other horror movies that came before. That's why people describing the first Scream as a parody or a comedy always sounded wrong to me, the film was occasionally amusing but it was always 100% committed to being a scare-the-shit-out-of-you horror movie, one with a particularly cynical and brutal streak running through it actually. The third one is a full on comedy and a corny one at that.
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  3. God, Hayden Lesley Panettiere deserved better in this film.
  4. Yea, I'm watching 4 now and while it's far from perfect, it's immediately more brutal and suspenseful than 3. And Kirby is an immediate star. It definitely benefits from going back-to-basics with the story after a sequel that went off the rails. It does a much better job of keeping the camp contained, and the kills are more exciting (and frequent – this movie actually feels like a slasher!). There's still more shitty/annoying dialogue than I'd like, but the balance is much, much better here.

    I get that 3 had some unique restrictions around it, but they could and should have leaned more into suspense than comedy to deal with having to cut back on the gore.
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  5. Kirby, Rebecca and Deputy Judy are fantastic. Kevin still knew how to draw memorable characters, even with a few broad strokes.
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  6. I watched both 1 & 2 the other night on television and... true classics. Even with the gore edited down for television, the characters and atmosphere are really strong.

    Interesting to go back and read the running times for each character. Still hard to believe Courtney Cox is in 1 for less than 15 minutes i? She feels so omnipresent. Talk about using a character's screen time valuable - never wasted.

    I truly miss Wes Craven. Watching the Scream Factor edition of Deadly Friend, everybody interviewed mentioned how wonderful he was. He was so well liked by both writers and actors.
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  7. BTG


  8. They really should have killed Dewey off at the start of four. It would have given Gale something to do; she's horribly underutilized, especially in the second half of the movie. It'd have been nice to have her a bit more involved in the main action. It felt like literally no thought went into what she'd be up to, and she doesn't deserve to be treated as an after-thought (plus, Dewey is just annoying as fuck at this point ddd). It'd up the stakes significantly for both Gale and Sidney if they killed him off early on in 5 Cream.

    One thing four did a good job of was centering the narrative around Sidney while still introducing a new generation of teens organically, so I hope 5 Cream is able to do the same. The trailer also gives me hope that it'll stick to the grittier, more brutal depiction of the killer rather than the slapstick buffoonery we got in 3.
  9. I totally understand why people don't like 3, as it's such a departure in tone.

    But I love it. It's camp of the highest order, totally ridiculous and so much fun. And I genuinely do enjoy the end face off.

    I do like that 4 went for something a bit more brutal in places, and our 2 OG ladies have a bit of bite in their characters, but it's largely boring and ugly as fuck. And bless her, but Emma Roberts could never carry that ending. She just don't have the chops for it.

    That said, I am excited that Scream 5 appears to be more sinister, dark and scary.
  10. This is what kind of made me hate it the first time I saw it ddd. I'm definitely glad that they didn't go the route of following her character through multiple sequels. I think the extended break will turn out to be a good thing, because it seems like at this point the producers seem to know what people love about the films and want to hone in on that. I think the box office failure of four probably helped us avoid some dire Emma-led sequels that could have killed the franchise.
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  11. 3 being an over-the-top pastiche of Hollywood and then suddenly going from a knowing wink to a blank, cold stare when it reveals to us the real monsters weren’t the ones in the scary movies but rather the ones who made the scary movies….it’s the logical next step in their meta-commentary and it’s all the more chilling considering the context it has been given since then.

    When the mystery at the heart of 3 is unravelled, we are confronted with something desperately bleak and sad. This makes the camp, goofy trappings that surrounds it feel eerily jarring, like an episode of Scooby Doo that ends with the gang uncovering…a culture of systemic s*xual exploitation and abuse. It’s a really disturbing disconnect. Like, going full camp with the ridiculous actors on set and then giving us banal evil in the boardrooms? To me it’s Lynchian. Are those unsettling tonal shifts the result of bad writing? Maybe! But…

    …it’s interesting to consider Maureen’s story in the context of Sidney struggling with her own trauma in 3 (something which is tackled with incredible visual flair when Sidney stumbles upon the Woodsboro set) and the mirroring of how traumatic moments reverberated throughout both of their lives (and how it destroys one of them while the other survives it). We don’t ever get a first-hand account of how Maureen felt in the years between her abuse as a young woman in Hollywood and her becoming a suburban mom in Woodsboro but we can read between the lines and assume that she never got closure, justice or peace. Her trauma follows her, consumes her and then gives life to a whole cycle of violence. So then why is Sidney shown to persevere, overcome and survive when her mother couldn’t? Well, because 3’s meta-commentary has already suggested the real monsters are off camera - Sidney can survive because she’s going against a man, but Maureen was doomed because she was up against the man.

    In short, 3 is a nuanced rumination on the cyclical nature of trauma and an allegorical indictment of institutional violence against women x
  12. Ddd literally all I got from 3 was

  13. [​IMG]

    I'm not sure anyone has ever looked at Scream 3 through this lens before, but I'm fully onboard. A MASTERPIECE!
  14. Give the Oscar to Scream3 now!
  15. Far fetched convoluted Hollywood caricatures? I dunno, I actually think the Weinstein’s hit the nail on the head with Scream 3, but I could be wrong.
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  16. Also I truly don’t understand the criticism that Scream 3 goes slapstick and camp and it’s a huge departure. Have y’all seen Scream and Scream 2? They’re packed with camp and slapstick. My favourite part of Scream 2 is during Sid’s first chase scene when Ghostface giggles while chasing her only to distractedly run into a chair and fall to the floor with an exaggerated grunt. It’s literally a Scary Movie joke, and I love it because it’s so out of place to be laughing aloud during a tense scene, which I always am, because that shit’s fucking funny.
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  17. Scream 3 is amazing, funny and entertaining and the beige, personality-less Scream 4 can't relate!
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  18. Far fetched and convoluted was referring to the killer motive. Maureen having a secret past as an actress (!), having a secret son (!!) who ended up directing the movie about her daughters life (!!!) and was the secret catalyst for the events of the first movie (!!!!). Also, to your second point, Ghostface being human and making mistakes isn't really slapstick, it's just... real? I was actually recently reading a Skeet Ulrich interview that mentioned Wes based that on observing Matthew Lillard being awkward and constantly bumping into things on set. Ghostface's are mostly teenage boys on the first two movies, it just makes sense. And while there are definitely moments of levity in the first couple of films (mostly courtesy of Randy and Stu) they're used to offset the very real horrors onscreen. There's no such tension to release in the third movie.

    Finally, I appreciate the efforts to retroactively add substance to a shitty movie in light of the Weinstein crimes, but it just comes off like trying to polish a turd. The first two movies made their themes about screen violence and the way it reflects in real life crystal clear whereas this one never makes any real attempts to address the systemic sexual abuse and moral rot at the center of Hollywood. If anything, it's just used for a throwaway George Lucas gag and a plot contrivance to give motive to a killer who at the end of the day is just another victim of the situation, just like Maureen who is still blamed for being promiscuous and cruel to her own son and a curse to her own daughter (those goofy ghostly apparitions) without any attempt to reckon with her pain and trauma at all. The actual perpetrator of the crimes is treated like an afterthought who is dispatched quickly and unceremoniously and doesn't figure in the climax of the movie at all, he's just a plot point.
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  19. I really don't think there's that much in it between Scream 3 and 4. Both are messy with highlights and...low points. My main issue with Scream 4 is that it's opening kill(s) just really don't hit the way they think thought it would, and it kind of set the tone for the rest of the movie in a bad way, if the opening kill was better it would have made for a much more satisfying package.
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  20. I think the alternate opening with the killer recreating the Casey Becker kill would have been a much better opening.
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