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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. It's almost slapstick - here for him slipping on a banana and falling face first into a cream pie in the new one.

    I love that it's almost exclusively female characters kicking his ass throughout as well, even if some of them were cut into fishsticks a minute later.
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  2. How did Kevin write a final girl like Sidney fucking Prescott and also someone like pasty ass Julie James?

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  3. Because for every greasy-haired Julie James, there's a stunningly perfect Helen Shivers.
  4. Neve solo in the new poster blade? Iconic.
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  5. Yes, I died when I watched the updated version. Basically became a completely different movie!
  6. Scream was the 6th most watched movie on Itunes this past weekend. People are getting ready for the new one. I smell a hit.
  7. Same, I genuinely think this could pull in a figure at least similar to Halloween Kills which would be a massive achievement considering the very disappointing opening of 4. It feels like everything is aligning fantastically well.

    90s and 00s nostalgia being at an all-time high is really helping to drive interest in the franchise again in a way that just wasn't happening back in 2011.
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  8. Scream 4 grossed $38 million in the US and I’d be willing to bet it will exceed that in week one if the film keeps building momentum like it is.

    I hope they went into this with an idea where the sequels will go because if it’s a success (and it seems like it will be), they’ll need a plan.
  9. I never thought we would see it. It's a shame we never got that film in 1998.
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  10. All of these fan theories about how Ghostface will be Sidney's "secret child out for revenge".... who hurt y'all? She hasn't given anything but strong, fighting, independent woman energy the entire series, and now magically she was an unwed teen mom who abandoned her kid, just like her own mother did to Roman which basically lit the wick on ALL of the bloodshed she's endured? Make it make sense.
  11. The hilarity of how clumsy Ghostface was always got me. I remember everyone falling over over the Scary Movie when it came out when loads of the the jokes were just the same as Scream but... in a less intelligent way. Scream is already partially a spoof, kids!
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  12. They used this to get around the rating and not cutting too much of the movie ddd.

    I mean I like it cause it makes Ghostface realistic and a real human being.
  13. A new featurette with new glimpses into the film!
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  14. I feel like Dewey might get it in this film.
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  15. David giving full-on daddy vibes in this film and I'm loving it. Courteney looks great too.. but my GOD.... Neve Campbell. Talk about stunning.
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  16. Oh my God so many new little details in that little clip.

    And yes, Neve is pushing a stroller so I guess it's confirmed. She's a mom!
  17. @Andy French looks great in yellow <3.
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  18. Edu


    Gale Weathers in a red power suit crossing a police barricade to get the scoop?
    Nature is healing.
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