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The Scream Franchise: Five Cream is Out NOW!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I would be shocked if he didn't tbh
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  2. It's been obvious from the start that if one of the trio dies, Dewey's the obvious candidate.

    So if, for example, your goal was to shock and surprise.............

    RIP Gale
  3. Honestly, that's what I'm expecting now. I just think they're making it seem too much like Dewey's numbers are up, and these guys are too clever to be giving anything away. Maybe both of them go. Ooft.
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  4. Didn't Courtney want to die in 4 (insert Pressed_Paninin with "I would too!")? I feel like most fans want Dewey dead so it won't back the punch they would want it to.
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  5. Just know that if they kill Gale they better dig 2 graves cause I will kms too.
  6. If any of the trio is going to be killed off it will 100% be Gale. And it’s an absolute travesty.
  7. I've given into reading "spoilers" and honestly so many different paths for the original trio have been thrown out there. I have to quote Kristen Bell in "4" to myself daily..... "Shut the fuck up and watch the movie." (eventually!)
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  8. Gale Scoop Weathers in a red jumpsuit is my mom and made me gay.
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  9. The featurette has me more hyped than the trailer did. Mikey Madisons character descending the stairs to the garage like Tatum, I’m calling it already that she’s going to be my favourite character.
  10. Mikey Madison has a very Rose McGowan glimmer in her eye. She could have made it as a 90s teen icon unlike most of the teens they cast now.
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  11. That red power-suit. Gale Weathers, everybody.

    She's so dying on this one, isn't she.
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  12. I know it‘s youtubers but still..

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  13. Edu


    She's a cover girl.
  14. The way Five Cream is getting Big Pop Girl status. You love to see it!
  15. If they do that, they’ll lose a big chunk of their fan base. Gale is an icon. A legend. Especially after seeing her in that AMAZING red pantsuit look.
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  16. After thinking it over, yeah, none of the 3 should go. They've survived this long, and if they're truly passing the baton, let them. But if we lose any of them after THIS long, the fans will riot. Especially with all the new footage of them really taking charge and being the bad-asses we know they are in this film.
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  17. It seems like Courtney takes more pride in Gale Weathers these days, as she should, so hopefully she wasn't lobbying to die this time.

    I love Dewey and the trailer depicts him in an interesting light, but I'm not against him dying. My only reservation would be

    him potentially dying without sharing actual screentime with Sidney and Gale. It would just be a shame.
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  18. I don't remember nearly this much publicity around Scream 4. The franchise feels cool again.
  19. Edu


    About Selena Gomez possibly having a cameo in this...
    We know for sure that there's gonna be a flashback in the movie 'cause they were filming outside with old Woodsboro police cars and there's even a shot of that in the new featurette.
    Opera Instantâ
    There were also rumors about the movie possibly having flashback scenes when Marley Shelton tagged Skeet Ulrich with the entire cast on an Instagram post and then deleted it.

    Ghostface targets Sam 'cause she has "secret" that links her life to the original killings, so maybe if the secret is that Billy Loomis is her real father, I think... Selena could be playing a young version of Sam and Tara's mom in this flashback sequence?

    I mean, even her Hallowen costume this year was this:
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  20. Uno


    People who have seen the film confirmed she isn't involved at all.
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