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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I remember this - the third rival production. (Scary Movie was originally titled Scream if You Know What I Did Last Halloween and then changed when two separate projects merged).

    The best friend girl from Roswell was the lead and if I remember correctly nobody is murdered because wacky accidents befall them before the killer can finish them off.
  2. I remember hearing about this but then thinking it was a working title for Scary Movie. I never knew it was an actual separate other film.

    Edit: I see @Hudweiser has kind of proved I was sort of right!
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  4. So after seeing the thread title, I’ve literally just been inspired to watch the first film again. I may have seen it a ridiculous amount of times in my lifetime already but it’s just such a fun watch!
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  5. I’ve decided to stay in Saturday evening and have a Scream-athon. And I’ll be living for every second. I am very much due a rewatch.
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  7. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a day!
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  9. Rewatched the first over the weekend and it was as enjoyable as ever. The opening with Casey is heartbreaking, you so want her to survive and reach help despite obviously knowing that she doesn’t.

    I also had a new appreciation for the video store scene with Randy, Billy & Stu this time around. The sadistic face Stu is making behind Randy throughout the scene is so creepy, you can tell he’s revelling in the experience of murdering his classmates.

    Also the shot of Ghostface trying to crawl out of the back of Kenny’s news van to follow Sidney will never not be hilarious.

  10. Yeah he pounds his fist in frustration! I always feel a little bad for Ghosty in every film he just is always failing, falling and getting his ass kicked. #justice4ghostface
  11. Yeah that's a good point and a smart approach by the filmmakers. Ghostface was always very human and a far cry from the superhuman strength of Michael and Jason, he was always getting his ass kicked, especially in the first couple of movies.
  12. That's cos it's essentially a school kid in a costume ha.
  13. Just saw that Scream 1 - 3 are being taken off of Netflix Canada on October 20, so any fellow canucks planning a binge around Halloween better make it happen before then.
  14. Scream 4 needed a touching scene where Sid visits Tatum's grave or something, to give the emotional link to the previous events more resonance.
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  15. Netflix Canada = The Halloween Grinch.
  16. Or at least Dewey given she's his sister. Or Sidney visiting her mother's grave.
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  18. God, everyone really did have the best hair in certified best film in the franchise Scream 2, hey.
  19. Particularly Gale. The sheen of her sleek bob still does things to me. It's not iconic in the way her Scream 3 hair is iconic, but it's laid in all the right ways.
  20. This evolution of phones though.
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