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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

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    I think Kevin is a necessity but I'm fine with someone else in the director's chair. Wes made a lot of choices with Scream 4, right down to the editing, the blocking, and that disgusting filter glow, that suggest that a fresh eye can't hurt.

    When you think about how memorable and well-shot Casey's house was in Scream, the climax in Scream 4 feels like a TV movie set in comparison.
  2. SMG knew there was a 90210 reboot but not a Scream 4?
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    SpyGlass seems like such a weird company to pick it up. They haven't done a film in 7yrs. I thought Blumhouse was trying for it?
  4. From what I read, it's not the Spyglass Entertainment we know, that shut down in 2010. It's basically a new media group that owns the Spyglass logo and its library so it really is uncharted water.
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  5. She's a close friend of Shannen.
  6. Queens.
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  8. I wonder if its still possible that Blumhouse could be involved? Like how Halloween 2018 was Blumhouse and Universal.
  9. I don't see why we need Blumhouse involved?

    They need to ensure they have a great story to tell and a tight script. As long as they have that I don't really have any concern who takes over.
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    Because they've shown time and time again how they can deliver a very horror film. Anything A24 or Blumhouse are mostly must-sees for me.
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  12. I'm watching Scream 4 for the first time in ages and I came in here to say basically all of this. It's even worse than I remember. I still hate the ultra meta opener.

    But whew Rebecca is a lot of fun. Her utter glee over two teenagers being butchered is a joy to watch. I kinda wish she turned out to be one of the killers.

    And you know if Jill had waited just a few more years, she could have saved time slaughtering her friends and family and just become an IG influencer.
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  13. It would've been like New Year, New You. Sounds delicious.
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  14. Just watched the trilogy again today. I really feel Roman jumping up at the end for ‘one final scare’ ruins and takes away from that poignant moment where he and Sidney held hands (as siblings) as he died. It wasn’t necessary.
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    Roman's existence wasn't necessary.
  16. I've always thought with Scream 3, if we had to do the whole "something we thought was true in the beginning wasn't"...I would have had Cotton actually did kill Sidney's mom and was the mastermind behind Billy and Stu. He only saved Sidney from Mrs. Loomis because she and Mickey planned all of Scream 2 on their own and he had no part of it and that pissed him off, also explaining why there was no real connection tying 2 into 3 other than that the events happened. But, I also would have killed Dewey in the opening at the police station, the killer (Cotton) trying to find out where Sidney was. Gale is on set of the movie as she was the writer of the 3rd book the screenplay was off of, Cotton is playing himself, blah blah blah. Cotton doesn't target Gale because he needs her to write the story of the third killings (with him being the the hero who takes down the "killer" after they've killed Sidney. Gale hadn't seen or spoken to Sidney after she is sued so that she couldn't use Sidney in any more books after the Stab 2 book and film and they hadn't spoken since. She had no clue where Sidney was, but she did tell Cotton that only Dewey knew the location. (When Cotton attacks Gale after the reveal he rubs it in to her that the only reason he went after Dewey was because of what she had told him.) Not sure about the partner, just that they were the sub to Cotton's dom and probably was fully aware that Cotton was going to take them out and blame everything on them and was okay with it. I would have killed off Patrick Dempsey's cop character and had the legendary Jennifer somehow manage to turn up alive at the end.
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  17. Gale or Dewey should have died. To highlight the stakes at stake as mentioned by Randy’s video.
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  18. Scream 4: I like how Jill was the killer, especially as the narrative pre-release was a new generation taking forward a new trilogy with Jill becoming the new Sidney of the franchise. It just didn’t make sense Jill strangling and then beating Sidney in the hospital. She would have calmly smothered her so she can still be ‘the victim’ without suspicion.
  19. It would have been such a bold idea to have Jill as the heroine while also being a killer herself. I'm sad it didn't work out.
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