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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. He problem with ‘Scream 4’ is it takes place in a house FAR too much. 70% of the film or such is just people in homes talking before a quick kill.
  2. I can't decide if it would be genius or overdone, but I can see a movie that revisits the past and reveals to us that what we think we know about Maureen's life isn't entirely true. Then use it as a way of ragging on reboots changing everything, but keep our same characters and explore how Sid deals with learning that the whole series of massacres she suffered was all based on some kind of lie this whole time.
  3. I absolutely love Scream 4 but will agree with one take from @Beautiful Child 2's blasphemy: Emma Roberts is genuinely one of my least favorite actresses ever. So, so flat. I desperately wish Ashley Greene got the role, not because I like her but because she is not Emma.
  4. Hmm I really like her in Wild Child.

    I think she epitomises the entitled side of Jill's motive quite well to some degree. Up until the reveal, I found her quite boring, but I took interest once she hammed it up.

    Did Sid's dad get a mention in it at all? Assume he must have moved away or died.
  5. Wait so is Scream 5 actually happening?
  6. BTG


    The main issue with Scream 4 (apart from Emma Roberts, the Vaseline filter and whatever the hell Mary McDonnell was trying to do) was that it lacked bite. The meta commentary on the genre felt weirdly half-assed for a franchise built around meta commentary. And all three original cast members surviving a fourth movie really took away a lot of the threat. There’s no tension when the leads are bulletproof. So the obvious solution was to kill Dewey idgaf.
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  7. I was so upset in the theatre when Sidney took the stab to the gut, had some dumb reveal of Emma Roberts' and ALL of her overacting and to just watch her watching these 2 psychos tell her what they had done with no fight back whatsoever. After the ass kicking of 2 & 3's finales, it felt like Sidney had really given up and the second stab wound to 'kill' her was heartwrenching. I literally remember people in the theatre in NYC screaming at the screen like "NO" "CMON MAN NO"....

    The twisted "make it look like they did it" scene was great, and them taking her out on the stretcher would've been a solid "holy fuck.... she got away with this" ending, if they cut the movie there.

    But, being a fan of all 3 original cast members, Neve's character especially, fans in the theatre were happy/relieved to see them come out of it alive. I think Wes/Dimension would've gotten HUGE criticism if one or all of them died. Or am I wrong?
  8. They can do what they like with Dewey but Sidney and Gale must be protected at all costs.
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  9. Of course some glaring omissions but this made me smile:


  10. Oh wow so Neve is in talks about Scream5
  11. I mean, Neve is doing Horror conventions off the back of ‘Scream’, give her a good enough cheque and she’ll do it.
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  12. I just don’t wanna see that character die. Is that wrong? Let her star / co-star, whatever, but ... ya can’t kill her.
  13. If they do end up pulling a Halloween (2018) and ignore the sequels, I think it would be interesting to not make it totally clear whether that is the case or not beforehand. Spend the movie with a new killer, referencing certain aspects of the first four films without being too explicit about them, and then have Randy revealed as the killer or involved in the murders somehow, cementing that this new film is a sequel to the original Scream.

    December 2021 for the 25th anniversary of the original would be a timely release.
  14. You want a timeline that IGNORES Scream 2?!?!
  15. BTG


    I am so bored of this suggestion that they sequels should be ignored. Halloween 2018 did that because they stupidly killed Laurie in the previous movies.

    Scream doesn’t have that problem. There is zero need to write one of the best horror sequels of all time out of continuity.
  16. Yes praise Scre4m!
  17. One of the things I love most about the Scream franchise is the continuity and consistency - always having the same cast, producers and writers involved really helps. Save for a minor wobble with Scream 3 (still an all round entertaining film!), the quality of the franchise is towers above that of other horror franchises when sequels are factored in.

    Obviously Scream 5 can’t involve everyone from the past for a multitude of reasons (from the Weinstein’s to Wes) and nor should we want it to - new blood behind the camera would do well to freshen things up and provide a new perspective and angle on Ghostface. It would be a such a shame to ignore the sequels and throw away their legacies just for that though.

    However, given that Neve says one of the most important factors for her returning is honouring what Wes created, I can’t see ignoring the sequels (and therefore his work) being part of that.
  18. Sidney & Gail are now best gal pals who run a crime podcast. After getting a Netflix deal they head off to film some Ghostfaces causing trouble in a new town.

    As for Dewey he’s the first victim. Who cares.
  19. There's absolutely zero need to ignore any of the sequels. I wasn't necessarily a fan of them doing it in Halloween 2018, but that at least made sense seeing as the story and timeline had got so messy and the lead character that they were bringing back (and the main reason the movie ended up smashing) had been killed off in the previous film. Despite being a different killer/set of killers each movie, the backstory for Scream is really simple and the 2 lead characters are indestructible queens so they don't need to mess around with history to get them back.

    There's also the fact that some of the Halloween sequels are... iffy at best and all Scream sequels are iconic and legendaric moments.

    So yeah, they don't need to ignore 3 of them just to bring back fucking Jamie Kennedy.
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