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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I'm just gonna stand there with my arms open and let them throw what they want at me.

    My years of love for slasher movies has kinda ended recently, so I'm 100% open to whatever they wanna do with it.
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  2. Except Jennifer and Kirby are both the highlights of their films!? I respectfully recommend that Dame Judy Greer replaces Kirby in your line-up...
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Fuck!!!! I meant Marley Shelton didn’t I?

    See... UNDERUSED
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  5. Oh god, this moment! Even if you've never watched a Halloween film, the promo material had Michael Myers' face on. The lack of research jumped out.

    I've been thinking about this a lot, and I think that not only did Stab 8 happen, but it was all Gale's story. It was her cousin who committed the murders, jealous of Gale's successful career as a writer and her numerous prizes. I feel like Sidney would allow this as long as her name was nowhere near any of it.

    It would also be revealed that the cousin cut Gale's hair just before the events of Scream/Stab 3 - a true psychopath! This is the kind of stuff I think about on a night shift.
  6. Hopefully they time travel back to the beginning of Scream 2 and save some iconics.
  7. And more importantly, bring Gale's red streaks back.
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  8. Wear the vest, save your chest.
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  9. Why does this sentence make me oddly sad?
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  10. I'll always love the films I love, but the days of hunting down anything and everything have ended. One too many shot-on-a-phone, the-girl-from-5th-period-bio-will-take-her-top-off-for-$20, let's-have-two-girls-make-out cheapies has done me in.

    I'm def here for the big films.
  11. Completely unrelated, but does anyone know if this was confirmed to be Rose McGowan making a cameo during the opening scene of Scream 2? I remember reading lots of trivia about both her and Matthew Lillard having uncredited cameos, but I've always had the doubt.

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  12. Defo not Rose McGowan. Kinda looks like her though.
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  13. Ooh, you’re a hardcore lover? Yeah I just stick to ‘Big brand Horror’ myself. The lowest level I’ve ever stopped is ‘Leprauchan’.
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  14. Is this not the blonde girl who pulls her hair behind her ears in fear as Jada reaches the screen? It does look a lot like Rose but would her hair still have been blonde by 1997?
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  15. Uno


    The guy on the bottom left looks at lot like Roman, too.
  16. I used to think Sigourney Weaver was in this scene as the girl who finds blood on her arm.

    Upgrade from VHS to DVD and a better TV showed me I had aged that poor love by 25 years.
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  17. Just listened to the new ‘Shock Waves’ podcast with Kevin on. Pretty exciting as it’s his first podcast appearance! Although not much new information other than:

    • Alicia Silverstone was being chased to be Casey and of course Drew Barrymore was meant for Sidney.

    • He confirmed again that Scream 3 was set in Woodsboro during the filming of a Stab movie and the final scene was in Stu’s house

    • Kevin was so busy he didn’t have time for all the Scream 3 pre production shenanigans so didn’t work on it. The studio then tried to sue him as he owned the rights for 3.

    • The studio wanted to get away from the ‘teen killer’ and Kevin had a bunch of them in 3.

    • He prefers his version of Scream 4 but the studio made him rewrite it 10 times then he left the project.

    • He had a different opening scene for Scream 4 which he preferred as well as a better storyline for Sidney that took her into Scream 5.

    • Scream 5 would have gone back to college which was a wink at Scream 2

    He’s also really excited for what the guys are going to do with Scream 5 and wants to do some more horror movies in the future. I wished the hosts would have pushed more out of him on his original ideas but it’s an interesting listen.
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  18. Kevin ditching Scream 3 for Teaching Mrs. Tingle was the worst betrayal of my young life.
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  19. I don't really blame him, the Weinsteins were way too hands on with Scream.
  20. This I don't get??
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