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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I love ‘Stab’ in the ‘Scream’ Universe. My gay ass was LIVING to the opening of ‘Scream 4’ and seeing those ‘Stab’ titles.

  2. The fact though that the first Stab sequence with Lucy Hale and Shanae Grimes is actually GOOD! They did that!

    Actually maybe in Scream 5 it could be about them making a Stab movie in Woodsboro (like Kevin's original Scream 3 idea) that recons the Stab sequels ala Halloween 2018. Someone is trying to re-boot by killing new people but Sidney, Gale and Dewey arrive to help solve the case. That might be to similar to Scream 4's plot but I didn't feel like it fully delved into the remake thing as much as they should of.
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  3. They’re both good!!! They’re better than the actual opening kill.
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  4. True. The final sequence with Marnie and Jenny is serviceable yet would have been so much better had they not re-shot it. Or they should have just added a chase scene for Marnie but kept the rest the same. The re-shoot must have been slightly awkward "ok sorry Brit Robinson but now you just get thrown through a window and the other girl gets the big finishing death". Poor thing.
  5. Adding a movie within a movie in a ~post-modern~ slasher was just genius. Kevin did that.

    Meryl Streep who?
  7. Iconic Gail is now the director.

    The studio is interfering but what’s worse is somebody is forcing her to rewrite it as actors keep getting gutted.
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  8. Agreed...they did Brit so dirty. They should have done some combo of fusing the 2 together. If they wanted Aimee in more, they would play up the whole Jenny hearing the noise and going upstairs the phone rings, ghostface etc...then when she comes back down stairs it plays like the original, Marnie is pranking her (but Marnie didn't plan the whole thing, it was just spontaneous because Jenny was yelling from upstairs being freaked out from the actual killer---Marnie thinks Jenny is messing with her) and it plays out back like the "alternate" original opening except maybe have Marnie still looking in the fridge when the run up on Jenny starts. From there the whole chase and garage part done with Aimee would be done with Brit, only adding the "you're not real" at the end as I thought there was something very haunting about that. Also, they should have kept the part of her being found from the ceiling fan.

    Damn mind has been running way too much because I'm so bored. Apologies for my ramblings folks. LOL
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  9. I think they cut the original opening because Jenny's murder just looked kind of silly. Shame they gave Marnie a smaller part in the reshoot though.
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  10. I'm going to watch all of the Scream movies in a mega marathon (the only marathon I'd undertake) tonight!
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  11. Honestly the TV show would have been better if it had just been about a random high school that's been selected as a filming location for Stab: The Series, and copycat murders begin.
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  12. Uno


    I remember Wes saying people were laughing at the original Jenny death - where Marnie thought she was pranking her while getting stabbed - so that forced the reshoot.
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  13. I know we have no score on the version we saw, but her flailing does look rather silly.
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  14. I would have liked to have seen the final execution. There is something pretty disturbing about killing someone off like that.

    I'm surprised that Jill's attacking herself scene wasn't reshot if they were trying to avoid audiences laughing...
  15. When watching you would never guess that Gail, Randy and Dewie would survive the first film. And that's a greatness of it.
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  16. Well Dewie originally didn't (and never should have). Killing him in the second also would have sufficed but here we are. It's a bit sad that none of the new characters you meet get to survive S2 in his place (the sorority sisters don't count). I get Derrick had to die for the throwback distrust moment of whatever, but maybe Hallie.
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  17. I wouldn't mind a bit more of a serious, hardass version of Dewey in the next one. Maybe getting hit on the head with that commode by legend Jill gave him a different personality.
  18. Obviously the TV show was a mess, but what we are not going to do is pretend like Brooke Maddox isn't a queen.
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  19. The insufferable Emma could never
  20. I wonder what the rest of the cast will look like? I believe the directors said they would never not want to have Samantha Weaving in one of their movies so I hope she can be in it (KIrby's sister?). No shade to the little Selenators here but I know they were spamming the directors social media to get Selena cast. They started following her....interesting. I feel like the cast in these movies are usually spot minus Scream 3 except Parker on so hopefully this sticks the landing.
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