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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy I'm not delusional anymore ddd. If they don't have her in 5, hopefully they at least mention her. I'm so happy now.
  2. One line that drives me NUTS in ‘Scream 4’.

    “What the media loves baby, is a sole survivor” *motions to Sid* “Just ask you know who.”

    Except Sidney was NEVER the sole survivor. In any movie. Hell she wasn’t even the only teen to survive the original, Randy made it too.

  3. Dddd it is a little dumb, but to be fair, no one got the attention Sidney did, and Jill wasn't exactly in her right mind. I think it works in the movie, but outside, it is a little ? face.
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  4. I think it was just the victim of rewrites done by people who were not Kevin Williamson.
  5. Whatever they tried to do with Mary McDonnell in Scream 4 was... such a waste. Great hair, I guess. I wonder how the character was originally written, and how Lauren Graham would've played her.
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  6. Yes, and when Emma and Hayden are taking with Wes for the commentary Hayden says that it was specifically in her contract that her character "would not die on screen." I wonder if in the original reboot trilogy idea, it wouldn't be until the final film that Kirby realizes that Jill was one of the original killers---would have possibly have been interesting. I could also see #5 being tied into 2 in that Jill doesn't know these set of killers and turns into the role she pretended to play, and Kirby saves Jill, only for Jill to be tired of Kirby sharing the spotlight and deciding to finish her once and for all in 6. No?'re probably right. LOL
  7. I'd like to see the Kirby character return as she felt like a new Randy. I know there's a significant age difference with Sidney/Gale/Dewey to her, but with her knowledge of movies, and now possibly living through a similar massacre in her hometown, it'd be a cool story arch/meeting of the minds new & old.

    But, Neve has said repeatedly if she doesn't feel the story is in the same vein of protecting Wes' legacy, she won't do it. Here's hoping. Also ---- don't kill her. Maybe minimize her role, but... Sidney doesn't die. She's been too smart and strong through 4 films just to have a fifth installment slice her away from us.

  8. Mary has proven herself as a good actress so her performance is pretty bizarre although I low key live for it. I guess she is supposed to be one of those loopy moms who always has a bit of a wine buzz? Relatable. "The wind chimes were over HERE!" I love how she is just casually getting her groceries with a serial killer out there and takes about ten years to grab one more bag from the car. Also her iconic face when stabbed. The close up on her shoes always kills me also for some reason when bracing that door with Sid. The style jumped out!
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  9. Mary could not CHEW that scenery anymore. She made pulp out of Woodsboro. I got the sense she figured, being cast in a horror movie franchise known for keeping its tongue in cheek that she'd give a little camp to the proceedings.

    Did it translate? Absolutely not. Is it iconic? 100%.
  10. I watched Southbound because these new directors did the opening and closing segments. I found theirs the best parts so thats a good thing. Also one half of the duo acted in it and did a pretty solid job. I wouldn't mind him in a little role.
  11. I'm going to start a petition to bring Kate Roberts back to the franchise aka the true star of Scream 4! Kirby who? Jill? I don't know her! Deputy Hicks? Sorry to that woman. Kate could have easily survived that little back scratch through the mailslot!
  12. I'm obsessed with the way she says that line, along with the little motion of the head. I know they were trying to set up a quick moment of suspect whatever there, but all I got was a woman who just wanted to do her grocery shopping and for Sidney to stop messing up her garden. She was over the whole thing and just wanted to serve fashion and good hair.

    But seriously, I really wish they had given Kate more to do. Her one line about scars just wasn't enough. It would have been nice to know how the death of her sister actually affected her. It also - considering the whole Roman stuff - would have been nice to see this in Scream 3. But I know that would have been more difficult considering the Hollywood setting.
  13. Kate Roberts had it coming. If my sister had been gutted and a 4th massacre involving my niece started to happen, then I would be on the first flight out of Woodsboro International.
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  14. Where was Neil Prescott also?

    Not so much as a mention!
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  15. Wes Craven said he had died sometime between Scream 3 and 4, which inspired Sidney to write her book. I suppose with the 10 million rewrites and reshoots of Scream 4 that this detail got lost somewhere.
  16. I like the idea of the audience knowing who the killer is and the lengths she'll go to to keep it a secret; a kind of reverse whodunit. But we already had Dexter, so...
  17. The plan would definitely be to shift focus off the original trio.
    Given Courtney wanted to be offed in Scream 4 and I can't see Neve signing on to star in MORE sequels they need to move the story on.

    I had a thought of an epic opening chase involving a divorced Gale and Dewey being stalked, attacked and captured ala "The Strangers" to reveal the 2 Ghostface killers before they are emotionally and brutally dispatched and staged as a murder/suicide.

    Sidney is pulled back into the fray to clear the names of her friends with an angry Deputy Judy, Dewey's 2nd wife, suspecting her husband died because of his dedication to Sid, foiling her and film student Kirby who is making a film on the parallels of cinema and real life violence trying to get a sit down interview.
    The 3 women find they have to work together to survive and solve a brand new mystery and examining the rules of the modern day "re-quel" trend.
  18. Kirby was a cool character but I never quite got the hype to be honest. I wouldn't bring anyone from Scream 4 back... I'd perhaps even have them write it off as another Stab sequel in Scream 5. It's just tricky to work out what direction this will go in.

    They cannot kill Gale Weathers though.
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  19. Did Courtney really want to be killed? Can someone link me to that?
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