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The Scream Franchise: Scream 5 is in development!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Sidney must not be killed off. I'd take it personally.
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  2. I’m watching Scream 2 and SMG is just about to be offed. I remember vividly watching this as a child and being so upset/annoyed because I was dangerously obsessed with Buffy at the time and I remember thinking ‘you’re Buffy, kick the shit out of him!’
  3. I feel like I bang on about this all the time, but I still don't believe that Scream 4 was meant to start a new trilogy. At least not when it actually came round to being released (I have of course read the original script). I always felt like the marketing and interviews were deliberately misleading in order to make us go into the film and have the rug pulled out from under us.

    I don't buy the "the film under-performed so that's why we didn't get a sequel" because it's not like they filmed all that hospital stuff knowing what the Box Office return was going to be. Maybe I'm wrong - somebody get Kevin Williamson to join PJ please - but it just feels like it was released with them always knowing that nothing would come after it.

    And of course, I know Kevin Williamson left production, and the hospital stuff wasn't written by him, so I guess any kind of sequel was taken out of his hands anyway.
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  4. All of this. For all the ‘we were robbed of a new trilogy!’ handwringing that goes on, I think that it was a master stroke of misdirection and was only ever meant to be a cute nostalgia trip.

    You can’t expect me to believe that they were planning on basing a trilogy around Deputy Lemon Squares and Julia Roberts’ niece? Especially when two of the core three had to be coerced into returning.

    And let’s be real, Kevin is a huge diva that would have jumped ship way before the completion of another trilogy.
  5. Yeh I don't think they'd risk the massive backlash they'd face if they killed Sid.
    She deserves a chance at a happy ending but I do think that Gale and Dewey could possibly be added to the body count this time around.
    The tricky thing will be to find a way to "pass the batton" to a new final girl which I think would mean making Sidney part of the story but not the killers sole focus.
  6. Kii, but also, Emma's a great actress on her own.
  7. I like Emma in all those AHS shows she does, she can play psychotic with a heart of gold really well. Somehow the shift from victim to killer mastermind doesn't work for me in Scream 4 at all.
  8. Emma is only good at one thing and that is playing a complete bitch which she does so well. With the exception of a couple lines "DON'T YOU GET IT!" (ugh so grating) I thought she was terrifically believable once revealed. Also this look right here when you re-watch it:


    I see you plotting!
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  9. There would have needed to be an incredible supporting cast in these mythical Screams 5 & 6 if Miss Roberts was going to be front and center. I am just not a fan. When Shenae and Lucy serve more likability and acting in their 5 minutes you know you ain't all that.
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  10. I agree with this. Her acting at the end was fine apart from the line you mentioned. Is she as good as Billy, Mickey or Mrs Loomis? No. Is she better than Matthew Lilliard was? Heck yes.
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  11. It really worked for me cause she was not famous back then and known as the bitchy character actress.
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  12. I assume/hope this is going to be like the last Halloween movie and just focus on Sidney decades after Scream 2. Let's ignore the rest and keep it funny.
  13. She really isn't though, and this is coming from someone who likes her.
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  14. The strength of the series is that they've never had to pointlessly
    ret-con to continue the series.
    The Scream story has been the Sidney Prescott story up until this point so the next hurdle is to hand it over in a believable way , hopefully without killing her.
    By the time it's filmed and released it'll be 10 years from the events of Scream 4 and 24 years from the original so there's room and time to come up with something satisfying and epic
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  15. I don't know why but I always forget Maureen was raped also. I don't think they ever bring this up again except for that one line by Gale on the tv in the first film? They could have just left it at murder to be honest.
  16. I don’t think she was though was she? Wasn’t it that she had just had sex with Cotton just before she was murdered? That was how they arrested Cotton, and also because of his coat, which Sidney testified about.
  17. I don't think she was even Gale says that Cotton admitted to having sex with Maureen and they were having an affair.
    It was Sydney's witness testimony that led to the rape allegations and in the end she wasn't certain.
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  18. Oh thats true. I've seen that movie more then 20 god damn times I should have remembered that.

  19. Billy raped Maureen before killing her. Granted, it's all said in subtext rather than explicitly explained, but that's the clear implication.
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  20. I always took it as that as well, ‘Scream 3’ making it even more horrific that Maureen was raped after having previously in her life been a victim of Gang rape.
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