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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I am shooketh. Oh my.
  2. That quote could even be a Gail moment.

  3. Damn this really is such a drastic improvement.
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  4. This picture giving off ‘Lesbian Lovers embarking on an impromptu crime spree’ vibe.

    I dig it.
  5. These promo pics are so 90s.
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  6. I would buy this bands album in 1996!

  7. What is it? It's blocked for me.

  8. It's a really well-made fan edit that swaps out the original opening and adds the deleted scenes back in. It's really well done, they're taken bits of the score from all four movies and made it sound like a final edit.

    I'd never seen the deleted scenes before so it was new to me and yeah it's much better. I'm kinda pissed that there were so many homages and Easter eggs to the original movie and they all got cut—what the fuck?

    In other news I keep remembering they're not inviting Marco Beltrami back to score 5 and it breaks my heart.
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  9. Has that been confirmed? I've said this before but overall I'm not a huge Marco fan despite the score for the original being amazing. It has been diminishing returns since then (4's especially was so lacking). I feel a new composer could give it a shot in the arm.
  10. Speaking of ‘Scream’ and music, I love how the series (almost) gets it right with the final credits song.

    ‘Whisper to a Scream’, ‘I Think I Love You’ and ‘Bad Karma’ were SUCH good choice and like with most things, ‘Scream 3’ fails the test.
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  11. I just realised that in the ‘Scream 2’ opening, the ‘Stab’ marque reads the date as the 12th April 1997, and as the movie is set two years later, that confirms that ‘Scream’ takes place in the Spring of 1995.

    Just an interesting tidbit.
  12. “The Christian Coalition will pay my legal fees, it’s airtight Sid. I’m an innocent Victim.”

    The way this line seemed ridiculous and overblown in 1997 to now being absolutely prophetic and another brilliant and sobering ‘Scream’ observation of the state of the world/pop culture/white male privilege.

  13. Were you still stanning when they released the artwork for their 3rd album?

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  14. I mean this is The Corrs.
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  15. "You need to check your conscience at the door, sweetie - we're not here to be loved."

    My favourite Gale quote across all four movies.

  16. Why are these films not streaming anywhere? I want to lock myself away for a whole day with all four plus both I Know What You Did Last Summers (which are also not streaming anywhere)

  18. Dimensions films belongs to Paramount but also Miramax and thus Disney, I don‘t know it‘s quite confusing.

    So I guess it will either come to Paramount Plus or Hulu (or Disney Plus Star).

    We can hope they put them up on streaming for Scream 5.
  19. I wish there was a version without the terrible filter.
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  20. I spent the whole film trying to figure out how the hell that even happened. Is it a post-production thing? As far as I can tell the whole film is just in soft-focus, which is why it's not so bad in scenes without bright light. So it could be bad lenses, because... I just don't know why anyone would intentionally add that in post. If you're going for an old Hollywood look, sure, but Scream 4 in 2011? Guys what

    Also the first three films use much deeper focus which is like literally core to the fun of the films—Casey crosses her kitchen and we can see every possible hiding place in the background to play spot-the-killer—and in Scream 4 when you get a mid-shot to a close-up it's like well I guess this is all I'm looking at now.

    And I miss the motion-sickness-inducing way the entire picture warped when the camera moved in the old movies.
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