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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The old movies looked so cinematic and rich. Scream 4 looks like it was shot on a soap opera set, even if it was shot on real locations. I have to blame the DP.
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  2. The vaseline filter aside, Neve has never looked better. Truly hasn't aged from the day the first film came out, down to the hair even being similar. Excited to see her in 5.
  3. Yeah, Neve looked gorgeous in 4. She's stunning so it'd be hard to make her look anything but.

    I just did (yet another) rewatch. 1 and 2 are just god-tier. 3 is a funny old creature for me. Sometimes I think about it and convince myself that it's terrible and ruined that original trilogy.

    But then I watch it again and actually really enjoy it. It's so silly, so over the top and so ridiculous, but still so enjoyable.

    I am not a fan of 4 at all. It has good moments, but it's just a mess. However, the fan edit does improve it quite a bit, and Olivia's death is one of the most outright brutal across all 4 movies. So kudos for that.
  4. As Scooby-Doo-ish as 3 was, the fight scene between Sidney & Roman is top notch.
    "Why don't you take some FUCKING responsibility?!" is god-tier dialogue delivery from her for the whole series to me.

    I remember gasping for air when I thought she was gone, only to have her be triumphant.
  5. I’m also still so confused as to why they turned the saturation up to 1000 in 4 as if they were making a sequel to Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle. It’s so distracting.

    It’s just a hideous looking film all around, which is a shame because it’s one of my only complaints.
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  6. I loved that Scooby Doo/Mystery Thrilled vibe 3 had. It gets a lot of flack for lack of gore, but they did the best they could considering Columbine meant they couldn’t do a gory film. I think they more than made up for it in suspense and chase sequences, which we completely lost in 4.
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  7. Little interview with one of the members of Radio Silence for

    SCREAM producer and one third of Radio Silence, Chad Villella, talked with the Film Society of Northwestern Pennsylvania in the first bimester of this year. By those days, he and his killer team were immersed in the editing with The Cutting Factory‘s renowned editor Michèle Hozer.

    While in Los Angeles, along with the movie directors (Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett) and Hozer’s film company – which is located in Canada – the process was being all remote and entering the seventh week of the directors’ cut.

    So we’re basically editing via Zoom. But the three of us are in the same room, so we can have small side conversations as we are going through the edit. So far, it’s been great. […] Technology works really great. It’s really weird not actually ever having met her in person. Which is kind of crazy, but is working out really great. Her team is incredible“.

    Villella also revealed that they just had their “music editor come on this week, so working on some of the songs and getting our sound mix going pretty soon“.

    A rough cut of SCREAM was shown to Paramount Studios on February 22nd, according to his information. But Kevin Williamson – the OG creator and this one’s producer – witnessed the movie before everyone else and was “stoked” with the result.

    Villella, who is a major Williamson fan (he used to have a Joey Potter poster in his locker and was even trying to include clips of Dawson’s Creek in the movie, like things the characters were watching), was told by the screenwriter that “This is a lot of fun, you did it justice“.

    After that, Radio Silence could sleep in peace: “That was the only blessing we cared about“.

    But this blessing didn’t come easy.

    Jamie Vanderbilt (SCREAM 5‘s screenwriter) had it going do like pitching several times like ‘Hey this property of this new company called Spyglass Entertainment, they have the rights, and we want to revisit the SCREAM world, but we won’t do it without your blessing’, and initially he said ‘No’, but Jamie persisted and pitched his version of the story and told him the team he was putting in place“.

    The movie will also homages Wes Craven:

    No spoilers, but he is in the movie. In a whole bunch of different ways. In ways that are very obvious, in ways that are hidden, in ways that are just complete easter eggs in production design. Wes Craven is throughout the movie. We hope it shines through“.

    Chad Villella told the original idea was to get a release on the original’s anniversary date, that this year celebrates its 25th anniversary. But because of the pandemic, they got delayed in a month (January 14th 2022). It was also revealed that post production is ending right about now – this April or May.


    Bring SCREAM home! Selected memorabilia and merchandise from your favorite scary movie.
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  8. Tomorrow is the 10 year Anniversary of Scream 4. I'm so old.


  9. Yeah I had a reminder three days ago that I watched it 10 years ago (it came out earlier) and I was like 10 years?!
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  10. Well maybe they filmed several endings but I doubt they will be fully edited and produced.

    Would love to see them though.
  11. Oh my!

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  12. Edu


  13. I loved the alternative scenes on the S4 dvd so im hoping for the same. I just hope it’s not like S4 where the deleted opening sequence was so much better than what we got. I still am mad about that!

    In general though, if I were doing a horror film I’d make it a point to film specific scenes just for a trailer. For a serialized franchise like this or Halloween, it would allow you to showcase exciting things without spoiling the movie.
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  14. Such a brilliant idea!
    I haaaate when scares are shown in the trailer, because they would otherwise be great scary moments but we expected them because of the trailer!
    So would absolutely be feasible to film a few extra scenes that won't be in the final film, or shown differently.
    Marvel does this well a few times.

    I'm curious as to what the deleted opening scene for S4 was? I never knew there was a better choice they axed out!
  15. Gail’s “Go ahead if you have the guts!” in 4’s trailer, then not being in the film, always felt like such a letdown.
  16. Here you go!

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  17. I was just walking my dog and passed a car. I looked into it and there was a Ghostface mask on the seat.

    Always warms my heart. So legendary.
  18. This scene was also cut which involves the opening. I just can’t understand how they decided upon that.
  19. Girl run
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