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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

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    They better not think for a second about releasing these 4K editions without finally releasing this scene.

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    Not me falling down a rabbit hole trying to find as many shots of this scene as possible. Release the Cici cut, you cowards!


  4. That gaussian blur, UGH.
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  5. One thing that always bugs me about Scream 4 is after Olivia’s death when Sidney runs her hand down the bloodied door frame and and not a bit of it comes off. Sloppy, Wes, SLOPPY.
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    Girls, we were robbed.
  7. It pisses me off we didn't get that would have been iconic scene at least released and instead we get this horrible original version of the classroom scene

    It' the opposite of gay rights.
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  8. Wow that scene was … awful. The setting alone. The lack of SMG. The pacing. Woof. Thank god it was changed.
  9. This is INCREDIBLE OMG!
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  10. This diorama is better than the entirety of Scream 4! Talent.
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  11. All these years later and Rose McGowan's self-styled Tatum wardrobe is still total eye candy. Her mind.
  12. The way I absolutely lost my shit at this trailer back in 2000.

    I must have watched it about 1000 times. The unjustified hype for Scream 3 was real.

    I actually remember setting this trailer as my screensaver and purposely not touching my computer for 30 seconds (lowest possible duration to activate screensaver mode) so it would start playing again dddd.

  13. Oh yes this trailer had me hyped for sure. Scream 4's shitty trailer can't relate.

    Also it pisses me off Scream 3's bloopers have never been put on Youtube. The part when Lance Henriksen keeps saying Maureen's name wrong while every one else is over it was gold.
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  14. It’s not YouTube and it’s only Lance’s fuckups, but enjoy.

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  15. MAURICE.
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    Rina Reynolds hive rise up.
  17. He can't not be trolling. Maurice Presnutt?
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  19. I died at Maurice. What the fuck man?
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