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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. BTG


    Tonight I’m watching Scream 3, the second best sequel and 4 can rot.

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  2. Seeing the original in just over 24 hours and I plan on wearing a Depends undergarment for when I wet myself watching the trailer.
  3. Just a random thought that I never really considered but it's kinda interesting that Gale's secret camera would have picked up a lot of the stuff that went down in the original film. I wonder if that could play into the new one at all.
  4. If any of these quote leaks are legit... maybe we're in for a fantastic film.
  5. It would have been cool if she'd done the same thing in Scream 4 and it recorded Jill's reveal. I always thought the hospital scene was a bit tacky.
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  6. I would have loved the original ending of Jill surviving, but given that we never got the second trilogy as planned I’m glad it ended the way it did with the hospital scenes. Plus at least we got “Don’t fuck with the original” out of it.
  7. Yeh, I’d have hated for Scream 4 to end on a cliffhanger and we’d have to suffer all these years before another film came along. Grateful for the hospital ending now.

    I absolutely love Scream 4. I’d go:

    Scream 2 and 4
    Scream 3
  8. So all the spoiler quotes are legit. The trailer has leaked in Spanish on Twitter. Looks great.

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  9. Well it looks like a Scream movie. There's not a blue filter over it like people suggested so that's good.

    Stu's house is all over the trailer which gave me chills.
  10. US screenings begin in 2 hours, so I'm hoping to see the english version soon!
  11. I’ve waited this long I can hold out until an official trailer is out and not some LQ recorded from a phone one.
  12. Oh my days. This looks terrific.

    I'm excited about the new cast but the abundance of Sidney in the trailer is such a relief. Don't fuck with the original, indeed.

    My favourite shot might be Deputy Hicks screaming her head off while driving. It's giving Urban Legend opening kill.
  13. Does Ghostface really stomp on someone's leg? He was never quite that brutal.
  14. Me after avoiding all the spoilers and now being informed that the teaser has leaked…

  15. I caved nn. It’s extremely LQ but it looked fantastic, some great shots in the trailer.
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  16. It really looks like it's been brought to the present but with a classic Scream feel. I absolutely loved Wes but it was time for some new blood and I think these guys pulled it off.
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  17. The dialogue written for the original three truly brings them into this day and age of horror/violence. They know what's up, they know how to deal with these lunatics after them - with the dry sense of humor along the way too. I can't wait.
  18. I will not cave and watch. I will not cave and watch.
  19. In the theater for the 25th anniversary showing now!! So fucking excited.
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  20. Let us know if they show the trailer before or after the original!! Thank you!
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