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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Paramount has taken down all the links, I tried to find it for you guys but I can't. I saw it on Twitter earlier so I guess that's your best chance of catching a reupload.

    It's coming out officially on Tuesday though, they told people at the Scream screenings.
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  2. I downloaded the potato quality version but don't speak Spanish. If anyone wants to see it and can translate, let me know.
  3. Seems the reward was the poster.

    I am kinda glad since it means we will all get the trailer at the same time (except that spanish leak).

    So this is my mood now:


  4. I appreciate the attempt. Probably for the best as I was sad I gave in and watched the Kills trailer. Have something to look forward to Tuesday.

  5. Not the exact worst bit in the film
    I grimace during any rewatch
  6. Neve looks fantastic in any clip she's in. The power she has.
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  7. Not when Ghostface in the grocery store exists. The only flaw for me in an almost flaw free movie.
  8. Nah Matthew Lillard’s performance is without flaw. Chillingly convincing. Where is his Oscar?!
  9. I can't remember the last time I was this hyped for a trailer. Besides Scream 4. And even then... I think this one might come out stronger.
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  10. Uno


    Just finished the showing and there was indeed no trailer which was extremely disappointing but was still worth watching the movie in HD for the first time. It was so crisp!
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  11. I’ve managed to avoid spoilers for this since the day Scream 22 was announced.
    However, today was the day that changed because I could not help myself.
    I’ve now seen the Spanish trailer leak and I don’t know how to feel. Also, not a spoiler but it’s less of a trailer and more of a teaser.
  12. We did get multiple trailers/teasers for 4, so maybe we'll have more for this.
  13. They definitely played us with that screening lol. It was said we'd get an exclusive first look at the new film and all we got was a poster (which was also released online) and an announcement for when the trailer will debut. That felt like a tacky money grab to me.

    Still, I'm glad I got to see it on the big screen. It really made me appreciate the scope of what Wes Craven did with that first film.
  14. I am happy to read it‘s a teaser, the less we see the better.
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  15. I'm posting this since we were all wondering what angle they would take with the meta stuff. I guess it's reaction videos and the fandom in general. Putting it behind a spoiler since the general theme of the movie could be a spoiler for some.
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  16. I just don't think the leaker filmed the entire thing. The actually trailer supposed to be over 2 minutes.
  17. The longest leak I’ve seen is about 1 min 34 secs and the confirmed runtime for the trailer is 2 mins 21 seconds so it’s missing almost a good minute it appears.

    I’m seeing the 25th anniversary showing in Cineworld tomorrow so obviously hoping to see it then, but if not then I’m seeing Halloween Kills at the end of the week so surely it will be played beforehand.
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  18. If it’s not played at tomorrows showing then I’ll riot!
  19. Can't understand Spanish but still got chills.
  20. me listening to La Isla Bonita:
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