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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The killer is

  2. I've always felt that Scream could get away with a fake trailer. If done right, it wouldn't make us feel cheated but aware of our need to know and spoil ourselves in advance.

    "I'm Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun"

    From the looks of it, I feel like we might be getting two killers once again!

    I also think the person on fire might be Mikey Madison's character from the outfit?
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  3. I always felt like Scream 4 was hinting that Judy Hicks could have played a larger role in things in the aborted Scream 5/6. Just as Roman was supposedly the puppeteer for Billy and Stu perhaps Judy was the one who was making things happen in the background. Otherwise I see no reason why they had that scene with her in the shadows talking to Sidney about being at school together (and Sidney not remembering). Yes, they could could have just added it as a red herring but just seemed an odd scene. We know they re-shot the ending but if that hadn't been the case then we wouldn't have seen Judy running in trying to save them etc.
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  4. But she saved them. I can‘t imagine her being Ghostface now.

    Obviously people change in 10 years.
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  5. The "I'm Sidney Prescott, of course I have a gun" quote seemed corny to me on paper but Neve's weary delivery feels so natural and lived-in. She knows the character inside and out.

    I'm loving the Ghostface editorial photoshoot we've been drip-fed so far. Who even needs a cast poster when he's out here serving like this.

    I'm grateful that Radio Silence and the marketing team have taken these precautions. It's fun to engage in the speculation and I don't expect to be watching the film completely spoiler-free by the time January rolls around, but at least they're going out of their way to give us surprises.
  6. If anyone needs me I'll be disconnecting all my devices from Alexa.
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  7. Uno


    They did mention they were very careful at not revealing the big twist and avoided spoilers for the trailer, so this makes everything all the more exciting to take in. Everything we see could've been just to trick us!
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  8. im freaking out!!! i feel like a teen in the 90's!!!!!
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  9. This looks SO good! It’ll be the first Scream film I (hopefully) see in theatres… I’m so freaking excited.
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  10. Ghostface looks larger than life.
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  11. It looks grittier and darker than 4, less offset by comedy.

    Well, based on this trailer anyway.
  12. This looks a lot darker and I love that.
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  13. I wasn't suggesting she was. I was just saying I wonder if that was the original intension for 5/6 before they got cancelled and they decided to go ahead with the reboot.
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  14. Do we think they will give fans a bone and mention Kirby?
  15. It's a lot darker and menacing than even Scream 4, no laughs at all. Very reverent of both Ghostface and Sidney, the filmmakers are very obviously fans.

    I can't believe we're back here 25 years later, girls. I feel lucky and very old.
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  16. For those who are watching Scream tonight in Cinema to mark the 25th Anniversary have fun, I hope the atmosphere is just as good as it was when it first released :)
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  17. It looks like Sid is married, she’s wearing a ring on her wedding finger.
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  18. who mentioned that?
    I only recall the directors saying they didn’t know how the marketing was going to do with the trailer cause the plot could be easily spoiled.
  19. i really hope they use red right hand. I also hope its wild af like scream 2
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  20. I love that the house from the original film is returning!!
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