The Scream Franchise

My body is ready for tonight
The movie looks a hell of a lot better looking than 4 did. The beginning with the doors locking/unlocking was tense.

I feel that it gave a lot away too but as others have said hopefully it’s red herrings/alternative scenes that they shot. I feel like I’ll maybe watch this once more and then ignore any other trailers that they release, I want my first viewing to be fresh.
A sold out crowd too! Was great to see the trailer for the new film and I love that they left it til last, tease!

There were also some Ghostface masks in the audience. Film has never looked and sounded this good before. Stunning.
My predictions based on the trailer:

The line is definitely going to be "I'm Sidney fucking Prescott of course I have a gun." You can sort of hear the audio chop.

I think the reason Kyle Gallner's character seems like an outlier and older than the others is because he's one of the first three attacks and he's related to either Billy or Stu. Definitely visually gives of a Billy vibe.

Looking like Dewey's a goner trying to protect Tara in the hospital. I also think either Hicks is an early attack just based on her absence in the trailer or the shot of her yelling behind the wheel is her reacting to Dewey's death in the hospital, same with the slow mo one of Gale.

Also "Hello Sidney, it's an honour" gave me chills.
I was just thinking how wild it is that beyond the original trio and Judy of all people, everybody died in 4. I wonder how it will be referenced, if at all considering. I feel like these kids would have more knowledge of that than the original, but we know the focus is more on the original.

I also wonder how many non-original Trio survivors we will have. Another bloodbath like 4 or a decent group of survivors like the original, to carry sequels.
Yeah I know it was a bit marketed like Scream4 will pass on the torch but in the end they all died, mess.

Seems this one is a bit the same so some people must survive.