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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Going all out

  2. Just watched the trailer again on iTunes trailers and..
    I really do think it’s Gale in that fire. If you watch it frame by frame I’m sure you can see her hair and a blue jumper
  3. I truly hope that's not the case. Between Sidney and Gale, they are the icons of the Scream series... And well Ghostface but the identity changes every time, so....
  4. BTG


    The person set alight has long sleeves. Gale’s, frankly hideous top, has short sleeves.
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  5. Why does everyone want Dewey dead? He's a gem.

    Oh and that new Neve scream from TikTok is giving me all the 90s poster from the original vibes.
  6. Yeah I can totally see the long sleeves. Is it possible there a two people there? I know I’m probably just over analysing it but that’s always the fun on new trailers.[/spoilers]
  7. The very suggestion that mere flames would be enough to take down an icon like Gale Weathers.

    I don't think.
  8. Uhhh so is this the final trailer or a teaser of some kind? Because it's high-key bad and it's drained my enthusiasm away completely and I need to see more to reassure me.
  9. Edu


    I hope that some of these shots are just red herrings cut from the movie. Not in a "go ahead if you have the guts" sense, but filmed specifically to serve as false clues in the trailer and teasers.
    For example, in that quick shot of Samantha attacking someone with a knife, you can actually see that she's fighting a person with long brown hair and black pants and not exactly Ghostface.
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  10. I really liked the trailer. I like that it seems more intense and Ghostface isn't messing around. The cinematography looks gorgeous. Not every Scream sequel has that its hard to get! I kinda wish they didn't show so much of the Jenna Ortega scene but overall it wasn't as spoiler-ish as something like Halloween Kills. Plus studios filming scenes that are not in the movie is normally shady (Black Xmas remake) but here I'm more then fine with as it keeps us guessing.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Was that a negative, disparaging remark about my Scream trailer?
  12. Apparently, take it with a grain of salt, but the “Hello, Sidney. It’s an honor.” is out of context in the end of the trailer and the actual moment it’s said in the film ranks in one of the top moments of the entire franchise.

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  13. You can tell the "Hello Sidney" line is made up from different takes. That part sounds like it's over the phone and "It's an honor" is more in the front and in person.

    Is the honor that he's the one that finally gets to off one of OG three?

    There's definitely a couple of shots that are on the verge of giving too much away but I'd like to think that these guys have gone through this at half speed to be absolutely rock solid. They'll be well aware that there's a million Youtubers ready to break the trailer down shot by shot. They're not going to drop the ball so carelessly.

    Do we think there's a possibility that Stu could be alive and is the killer again? We didn't see him or hear him confirmed to be dead did we? And Matthew has been showing face a lot recently. Is he going to show up all disfigured?

    EDIT: No, scratch that. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. He couldn't have survived without any of the main 3 knowing about it at the time. As you were.

    Nice little interview with Skeet and Matthew here. I'm laughing that Matt jokes about exactly what I just typed. Yeah, that's not happening but I love that he's so passionate about it. How the fuck is Skeet more beautiful now than ever? Good lord.

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  14. Gale's Scream 2 white top remains god-tier and unmatched.

  15. So, like... What are you guys seeing in this trailer that I'm not? Genuine question. I must've watched it 20 times now and it hasn't improved. I'm legitimately heartbroken to see my favourite franchise looking like it's had its soul sucked right out of it, and it's kinda confusing me coming on here and seeing unanimously positive responses.

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer. Already looks like a gory good time and I’m so relieved to see the Vaseline filter from 4 is a distant traumatizing memory. I will say, I wish this trailer set up a bit more atmosphere/ambience, something the franchise lost with each film & I would love to see revitalized in this film. But perhaps that’s being saved for the film, whereas the trailer was more focused on action.
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  17. Also re: that shot of Gale in the trailer...

    Misdirection? Has to be, right? Not only is it quite clearly a reaction to Dewey's death, but it's also clearly set the morning after the massacre as the sunrise is visible and there's police and ambulances already on the scene, which confirms that Gale and Sid (who's also in the shot) are both surviving the movie. That's a lot to give away.
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  19. I'm not sure if this is what you mean, it does feel a bit more like a standard slasher than Scream but I think that's a concession that had to be made. I don't know if kids now are here for the wink wink, irreverent approach of the earlier Screams, they just want relentless terror like the 2018 Halloween and stuff like Hereditary. The trailer makes it look a lot darker, a lot more aggressive and a bit sadder than I'm used to but I think it was the right approach for 2021. Sid looks tired and drained (I don't mean physically, but mentally) and Dewey looks absolutely defeated. Ghostface stomps on someone's leg and someone is set on fire. This film will be brutal.
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