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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. This isn’t something I wanted to admit or harp on, but on paper I *do* think this is the weakest cast they’ve assembled. I’m hoping when I watch the film I feel differently, but this seems more like if they were casting for the tv show.

    Overall the cast doesn’t pop like a Neve Campbell or Rose McGowan or Emma Roberts or Sarah Michelle Gellar, etc.

    The only cast member that has that level of charisma seems to be Jenna Ortega, based off the trailer.

  2. I just love how much of an absolute see you next Tuesday Rebecca is and Alison's delivery pretty iconic. I do wish she had more screentime.

    I think it looks like a Scream movie but updated slightly which it should be. It looks more modern then 4 did at it's time and I think this is what we need for it to be a success. Also I think making it a bit more mean, scary and brutal is the way to go. I think people forget how brutal that first film is. The parodies probably didn't help but that opening is savage and heartbreaking. Billy and Stu cutting each other up is pretty disturbing. Plus some of the shots look so good like the shadow of Ghostface. It's a bit more stylish but it still looks like a Scream movie.
  3. You can tell Wes hasn't directed it, just from the little styling touches. I'm not going to watch it again, just let it ferment quietly in the back of my brain.
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  4. It's a lot darker than the other Scream films. Like, the actual cinematography, not just the mood. The older movies were always well lit with pops of color (especially the first one) but this one is a lot darker.
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  5. I think this is a pretty strong cast. Much better then 3's which put all it's eggs in Parker Posey's iconic basket. Jenna Ortega is clearly going to be a huge star. She just has IT. Melissa also seem's to have potential to be a strong final girl. Dylan Minnette is always solid as is Kyle Garner.
  6. Melissa Barrera, Jack Quaid, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Mikey Madison, Mason Gooding… this is a great lineup of up-and-comers, much like the first film.

    If you have any doubts, please watch Vida, The Leftovers, Better Things and Booksmart stat.
  7. But this is my main problem with it: it doesn't. It doesn't look like a Scream movie, it doesn't sound like a Scream movie. It's literally edited like a trailer for a movie where retired superhero Dewey Riley rounds up his retired superhero friends to form a Slasher Avengers to take down their greatest foe one last time.

    Ghostface is barely in the trailer, and when he is, it's personality 404. The few lines we hear are run of the mill and could be straight out of a fan fiction, there's no sense that he's enjoying toying with his victims like he usually does, there's none of his usual flair to his physicality.

    There's this general feeling that 3 and 4 went too comedic and that should be reined in, but really it's not that they became more comedic, it's that the comedy became more cartoonish. Scream 1996 is fucking hilarious, there's a joke every couple of minutes. It doesn't stop it being a brutal and horrifying film. The comedy is inherently entwined in Scream's DNA, it just needs to have that cutting wit that it does in the best instalments. None of that is in this trailer.

    And worst of all for me is the music. This trailer confirms for me what I already feared—that when you take away Beltrami's score, it just doesn't feel like Scream anymore. It just doesn't.

    When you go back and watch the Scream 4 trailer for comparison—A phone rings, those two haunting notes from Sidney's lament, "what's your favourite scary movie?" and then the booming bass of the score and the cute plinky-plonk percussion over a shot of Woodsboro High. Ten seconds of screen time and it's Scream, through and through.

    I'm hoping a lot of this is just bad editing on the part of the trailer team. I mean, come on, it's basically a parody of itself. I don't begrudge the overuse of that sliding bass note trailers rely on these days, it's a good way to transition between a fast-paced segment and a relaxed segment, but Jesus Christ, this trailer uses it seven times in the first fifty seconds?

    There is nothing more indicative of a bad horror movie than throwing sounds on the soundtrack to scare the audience. It shows a completely lack of confidence in the actual movie. But again, hopefully this is the editors of the trailer thinking they know better and the actual film will be better.

    There's also just... Not a lot given away from the trailer. Nothing to hook you. I'm not even sure who it's aimed at? If it's aimed at existing fans, they've fucked up. Key moments like Sid entering Stu's house are underused and flash by with no time to absorb or contribute to the emotion of the trailer in any way, there's no attempt to even explain why Sid or Gale are in the movie to pull us into the story.

    If they're aiming at new viewers instead, well that's an even bigger failure, what the fuck do we know about the new cast from this trailer? Nothing. What do we know about any of the story? Nothing.

    Again, just to compare to the Scream 4 trailer, from the first minute of that trailer alone we know that the film is returning to Woodsboro high, we know it's the anniversary of the massacre, we know Sid has returned and why, we know enough of the killer's motives to know there's a personal link to Sid, we know the kids don't take the massacre seriously anymore after 15 years of Stab, and that that's a tool Ghostface will be using to his advantage.

    That's a literal fuck ton of information conveyed in 60 seconds, but from the entirety of the Scream 2022 trailer I know... Nothing??? Literally nothing. If I didn't recognise Stu's house, I wouldn't even know it's in Woodsboro. Literally all we know is there are attacks happening and it's a copycat of the original. Again...

    I've just realised that's not what the trailer says at all and the attacks are on relatives of the original killers? Rather than a copycat thing. Which is original, I'll give them that. Maybe if the trailer was better I'd have remembered that key piece of information after my 20th watch ddd

    ...Well that became a rant.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. Regarding the fire scene:

    I highly doubt they would kill Gale in such a horrific way. I would forever be mad.
  10. From the little bit we see of Melissa Barbera, she looks like a great final girl. She has a great combination of vulnerability, relatability and strength. Also, the cast actually looks super young for the first time (let's be honest, even in Scream 4 most of the new cast looked like they were in their mid-20s) and I think maybe that's why some people are disappointed?
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  11. 167C5A08-0DA1-47EC-93F4-EED1C4DA3BB5.jpeg

    The women holding Gale back has longer hair than Sid’s shoulder length cut though, maybe it’s Melissa or Mickey’s character.
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  12. Good point, looked like the same jacket and I couldn't really see the length of the hair properly, but you're right!
  13. Yep, that's not Sid. There's nothing in the trailer that tells us that's from the end of the movie, or that either Sid or Gale even make it that far. I do note Gail's change of outfit though.
  14. I am a bit worried of how much Jenna's character could get sidelined due to her injuries. Ghostface is WRECKING that poor girl.
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  15. I’m excited about the new cast, maybe because I’m familiar with most of them. Dylan Minnette has been excellent in everything I’ve seen him in (Let Me In, 13 Reasons, Don’t Breathe, even Open House and Goosebumps). Mason Gooding has such a presence and charisma in both Booksmart and Love Victor.

    Melissa Barrera was magnetic in In The Heights. Kyle Gallner always delivers (Jennifer’s Body, Haunting in Connecticut and even in A Nightmare on Elm Street).

    I’m not familiar with Jasmine Savoy Brown or Sonia Ammar, but they look like they fit right in here. Mikey Madison knows what she’s doing in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

    Jenna Ortega gave a cute performance in Yes Day, but everything about Babysitter 2 was atrocious, everyone included. I’d say she’s the only one I’m a bit worried about. But she looks like she’s doing a good job in the short trailer.
  16. I guess I missed out something but

    why is everyone assuming Tara will survive her attack?

  17. Ghostface is seen approaching someone in a wheelchair in the hospital. Also having someone survive the opening would be something new.
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  18. We probably don't need to spoiler pure speculation on a trailer that's already out there. If we're not saying anything that comes from an actual leak, it's just chit chat.

    I do think Tara survives and it's her in the wheelchair. It's also fairly important that they talk about "attacks" not murders. Attacks is said twice. Which might explain why we're seeing so many of the cast actually getting hurt in the trailer. They probably don't die in those scenes.
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  19. The dutch angle shot of Melissa standing in Stu's (?) hallway is unnerving but at the same time, she looks so strong and ready to fight. Excellent final girl potential.
  20. She does! Especially with a similar dark green tank top to Sidney and Laurie Strode in Halloween (2018), ha.
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