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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Remember the character descriptions leak?

    Regarding Tara:

    She used to dater „Amber“ played by Mikey Madison. Amber is very protective of Tara and very much dislikes Sam (Mellisa‘s character).

    Why would they give them so much background if Tara would die in the opening?

    It just makes me very suspicious of Amber. If she were one of the killers it would make sense if she doesn‘t kill Tara.
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  2. I really think it will be two female killers and I would love to see it.
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  3. I am very suspicious of Amber too, there's something about her for sure. But then again, it could be a big red herring, similar to Derek.
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  4. Uno


    Based on the trailer there seems to be a daylight kill, which we’ve never had before. My suspicions are that it’s Judy’s death.


    You can see the flag in the right hand side of her promo still and Judy’s only scenes in the trailer are during daytime. Perhaps Gail is reacting to her death (since it’s also daytime)?

  5. I don't think Judy dies in this scene, I think her son is threatened and possibly dies and that's where she's driving. Also as pointed out, Gale screaming is not just during the day, but actual sunrise so I wonder if it is some sort of homage to the post carnage scene in the first Scream. I wonder if they finally wheel out Dewey dead and she sees.
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  6. The location/flag suggests that's exactly who it is.

    We've had a daytime kill before though - poor Randy.
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  7. upload_2021-10-13_12-50-13.gif

    Sonia Ben Ammar is serving pure Samara Weaving realness and I'm here for iT.
  8. I assumed it was someone in a Ghostface costume from the long sleeves. Could be a victim dressed up in a costume?
  9. I analyzed it and think it‘s


    Now she could still be a killer and that is her death as that.
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  10. Uno


    So are we all in agreeance that the order from worst to best killers is:

    7. Charlie
    6. Roman
    5. Jill
    4. Mickey
    3. Stu
    2. Billy
    1. Mrs. Loomis

    Stu/Mickey are interchangeable for me as I can be swayed either way for that #3 spot.
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  11. I can‘t rate Mrs Loomis as No1 since she only did one kill.

    Jill is surely in the top3.
  12. Uno


    I enjoy Jill as a character and an idea, but Emma Robert's acting during the entire third act takes me out of it every time. It was tons of fun to watch her run into paintings and tables, but she doesn't quite nail unhinged over-the-top murderess through her dialogue at all.
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  13. Emma needed a few more Ryan Murphy gigs to completely nail the 'unhinged psychopath' attitude.
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  14. Laurie and Emma were hitting different targets with their performances though, the former was an unhinged wreck trying to avenge her "blue-eyed boy" and her wreck of a marriage, where as the later's ego thought it was going to oh so easy to manufacture her own 15 minutes of fame, Jill's whole mood in the hospital sequence is like "omfg nobody told me it was going to be this difficult".
  15. Billy is by far the most… evil. He has an added sexual element too; having sex with the daughter of the woman he murdered.

    During the screening last night I just kept thinking how dark some of the things he says and does to Sidney really are.

    1. Billy & Stu
    2. Mrs Loomis and Mickey
    3. Jill & Charlie
    4. Roman
  16. Neve's iconic delivery of "I fucking killed him." in 2 remains one of the best lines from the franchise. This woman's been put through the ringer and gives no fucks/will end anyone who comes in her path. She truly plays the role flawlessly.
  17. I love Sid’s dedication to never allowing anybody to go to prison.
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  18. ‘Your ingenue days, they’re over’ is the only killer line that hit as hard as ‘Let’s face it, your mother was no Sharon Stone’ for me. Jill is an icon and that’s on her boyfriend’s bullet-shattered penis.
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  19. She’s always known better than to trust the criminal justice system.

  20. For those not wanting to read it all, basically the directors say that their goal was to make ghost-face genuinely scary again, and that there are lots of misdirects within the trailer (and the movie itself) because they knew fans would go through it frame-by-frame.
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