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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Although I agree that Roman is a bit of a dud, I actually think the killer in Scream 3 is my favourite after the first movie, if that makes sense? I like what they did with the killer in parts of Scream 3, it's only when the mask comes off that the portrayal becomes a bit dull.
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  2. Okay, this is actually exactly what I needed to ease some of my fears. I'm especially glad to hear that the goal is to make Ghostface frightening, I think that should always have been the priority, but they seem to understand there still has to be the "goofiness" as they say running through a Scream movie.

    I wonder what else they've got planned for marketing, since they say so much is coming between now and release?
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  3. I love that they're talking about putting focus on making Ghostface scary again. I think one thing that worked against Scream 4, in particular, was that an entire generation of viewers knew Ghostface as a joke from Scary Movie. I think that made towing the line between scary/fun a significant amount tougher. I'm really excited for this to lean into the grit a bit more.
  4. Very nice short interview that made me excited for things to come.

    So I guess I can watch the trailer another 20 times now.
  5. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I keep going back to watch this bit.
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  6. I think the purpose of the trailer is to state that Scream is a big deal and that anyone unfamiliar should stream 1-4 quickly so that they’re ready for opening night… based on the global coverage the past 24 hours? It has achieved that aim.
  7. All of 4's climax, I really thought Emma Roberts couldn't act her way out of a paper bag. It just felt so.... forced and unconvincing.
  8. I like Emma Roberts but she was the wrong choice for the role. I recall people laughing at her and the ending when I saw it in the cinema.
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  9. It’s her delivery of “you’ve just gotta have fucked up shit happen to you”. I can be never decide if it’s poor writing or poor acting, either way; awful.
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  10. Putting Emma Roberts next to Hayden Panettiere was cruel. The latter is full of charm and a perfect fit for the vibe of Scream. The former has a famous aunt.
  11. So having her play Jill was kinda meta.

  12. Mine was the whiney "You were always just so fucking special." Go cry about it some more, Jan. It was awful.
  13. So which girl has the potential to be the Kirby / Tatum of this one?
  14. I actually think Emma was fine when she was playing Jill at the end. I thought she was so bland and boring throughout the rest of the film though.
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  15. Mikey Madison.
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  16. I
    I see all your points except scream four didn't use the scream theme music in the actual movie. I really hate they took out Sidney's lament and also red right hand. I know red right hand is a song not a score. I also don't understand why marco would abandon his theme for a non theme like score in four. Scream four lacked suspense and iconic chase scenes along with the signature score. scream has a signature score, I quickly recognized they used it in halloween h20 so its iconic enough to reuse with slight changes like halloween, saw, or friday the 13th. This trailer missed the mark in not featuring the iconic score nut it looks suspenseful which is a step up from four imo.
  17. The score did sound a bit generic in the trailer but I don't know if it's final or just temp.
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  18. Yeah the more I watch now I don’t think I’m right which I’m glad about
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  19. I love Emma's performance once she is revealed as the killer. I thought she completely sold the spoiled, unhinged brat who will do anything to be famous.
  20. “You just won't die will you? Who are you "Michael fucking Myers"?”
    What an iconic line.
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