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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Yeah I feel like 4 being shit puts even more pressure in regards to 5Cream slash Five Cream and its quality. May not be a bad thing in the long run, but for now it's frustrating.
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  3. Catch up on the Halloween thread, bangs!
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  4. Do I need to post this every time someone starts insulting either of the last two movies?
  5. Cracked open the Scream 4k steelbook tonight. My goodness the quality is stunning.
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  6. I'm staying away from the Koyle Richards Cinematic Universe up until I get to see Miss Myers on Wednesday!

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  7. Evil Bottoms Tonight™
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  8. For all the issues 4 has, I do think it’s a very solid sequel and satisfying. My personal favorite is 3 because of Parker Posey and I love that it’s more of a mystery thriller. I know technically it isn’t the best and has issues, but I could watch it over and over again.

    The beauty of Scream is that none of the films are BAD. It’s rare you can say that about other horror series. We’ve seen Halloween take huge dips in quality and let’s not forget that Freddy’s Dead and Jason In Manhattan exist. I’m just thankful that had never happened to Scream. I think it would break my heart if we ever got a dreadful sequel like that.

    Even the tv shows I feel have their merits, both versions.
  9. Not me just poppin’ into say 4 is currently £3.99 on Amazon Video and y’all tearing ha apart

  10. (So are 2 and 3, I purchased them all last week)
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  11. Agreed all of the screams are very rewatchable. I enjoyed the tv series for what it was as well.
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  12. Very iconic taste on show here! Imagine being a homosexual in 1999 and hearing that Parker Posey was going to be in the new Scream.
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  14. Lily Rhodes Van der Woodsen was such a flop in Scream 3. Great nightgown, beautiful nightgown.
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  15. I bought it on iTunes for $4.99 and I still enjoyed it quite a bit. I also bought the other three as a bundle, which I rewatched too (minus 3 because it was still too fresh from my last watch).
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  16. Scream 4 is iconic for this alone


    Also when Ghostface keeps shading him: "Do I sound like a Trevor to you?" and "This isn't fucking Trevor!" Ghostie was so pressed.
  17. Happy I was able to grab the steelbook today for Scream.
  18. Scream 4 is a great sequel (and miles better than 3 but I know y’all let Miss Posey override its never-ending faults. I love the Lucy/Shenae and Aimee/Brit parts of the opening, Hayden is fantastic and Sidney is iconic throughout. Having the two least likable characters as the killers is a huge flaw, but I don’t think I have ever been that thrilled and gripped in a movie theater my entire life.
  19. I've been rewatching these over the last week am constantly impressed with how well 1 & 2 hold up. They're both a perfect mix of scary, clever, sexy, and fun without ever falling too far into camp. Best of all, the main characters are never stupid.

    I have 3 on now and it's... downright awful in parts. It's actually jarring how different the tone is; at times it feels more like Scary Movie than Scream. Everything is so slapstick and ridiculous (the sequence with the fax machine, the explosion, and the never-ending rolling down the hill is total cringe). And while I get why the gays love Parker Posey here, she contributes to one of the overall issues with the film, which is that the new cast is all way too camp, dumb, and just not worth getting invested in. While she's at least fun in parts, the rest of the new cast is totally forgettable (though Patrick Dempsey could obviously get it). On top of everything else, the story gets hard to follow (or stay interested in?) and, worst of all, it loses any real tension. It's like they forgot that they're even making a slasher movie.
  20. Ghostface flinging the knife at Dewey, hitting him in the forehead and making him tumble down the stairs is pure slapstick.... ugh, a nightmare, literally a nightmare. Parker Posey is good at whatever she's trying to do but whatever she's doing doesn't belong in a Scream movie. It's interesting that Jamie Kennedy's, Matthew Lillard's and Laurie Metcalf's performances are pushed but never cross the line into camp whereas Posey is being Faye Dunaway in Mommie Dearest levels of over the top and frankly, the entire Hollywood premise was wrong. These films are supposed to be about real people, not Hollywood caricatures. There's just so much wrong with it, including retconning the backstory of the original into some far fetched, convoluted Hollywood tragedy that needed a literal visual aid in order to be explained to the audience.
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