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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The new transfer is so good. It looks so warm and not as drab as the old one. Also I've never noticed Dewey in the first school scene in the background talking to someone as Sid and Tatum are walking. I'm a fake ass fan.
  2. Apparently Samantha's connection
    is that she's Billy's half sister. If true, I hate that it's already spoiled. Saw multiple people talk about it in the trailer comments. It also said that she's aware of it. She's not the killer though. I read more but it's just speculation (hopefully) 'cause ugh.
  3. That doesn't excite me. It's just...meh. I don't mind if that happens, but there's going to need to be a lot more to it than just that.

    The theory that was ringing around my head for a bit was
    Vince is Sid and Billy's one night stand child put up for adoption. I saw someone suggest that Stu is alive, finds out who Vince is and comes to recruit him. It could work, as Vince is clearly being pitched as older than the rest of the cast, so mid-20s would definitely be right.

    The infamous "it's an honour" line could be coming from Vince when he is finally face to face with his birth mother for the very first time.

    I don't know if I love that or hate it. Or a bit of both.
  4. The killers are apparently Richie and Amber hence my disappointment that it's the boyfriend AGAIN. I guess to bring it all back to the original which is what this movie is all about. What I read is that Sam tells Richie that she's Billy's half sister but the "twist" is that he and Amber are having an affair... Either Amber or Richie attack Tara but she survives as we can see her in a wheelchair. They're not going to waste Jenna Ortega like that. Richie and Amber are really obsessed with the murders of Billy and Stu and want to have their own massacre. I mean, it's not bad but I expected more from the reveal which apparently is going to shock and make us gasp.
    It wouldn't be believable that Sid gave up a child for adoption and she just never mentioned it. It's way too obvious that Vince would turn out to be related to them this way. I know he's the only character who doesn't have a last name but again it's already too obvious it would be him. Yes, his age matches but Sam was born in '95 or '96 so her age adds up. It being 25 years later and all. The ultimate anniversary. Hank's such a cheater. Also, with the way Matthew Lillard is talking non-stop that he would love to return it wouldn't really be a surprise at all if he does appear. But I guess it would be kinda meta which is what this franchise is all about. We'll see but yeah.
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  5. I dunno. After the events of the first movie, her life was a wreck, her friends dead. I'd believe her finding out she was pregnant but moving away to have the child, not wanting to keep it as a reminder of Billy, giving it up, then a year later, she's at college for Scream 2.

    I truly hope it's not the boyfriend again. That killer reveal you've described in your post sounds extremely uninspired. I'm expecting something way better from these guys. I want my jaw to hit the floor.
  6. I agree though and have been thinking that Sid must have been so traumatized so it would be understandable that she kept it hush hush and suppressed it but it's also an uninspired choice if they go that route. Vince looks like Billy and has serial killer written all over him just like how Skeet came off as ominous. It's both in their faces. But Amber and Richie as the killers is just yawn.
  7. The Sidney/Gale scene from the new featurette and the line after the loud scream "Sounds about right..." and their scene from the trailer "You ready?" For this? Never." are right after one another. I'm very excited to see these two ladies buddy-cop it up and (hopefully) take down another batch of Ghostfaces.
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  8. I hate when franchises introduce random family members that have never been mentioned before. Introducing Billy's half sister in the fifth entry of this franchise is something right out of Scary Movie.

    Mrs. Loomis worked so well in Scream 2 because she was mentioned multiple times in Scream. Also it was a perfect homage to Mrs. Voorhees.

    I really hope we don't have another Roman situation on our hands.
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  9. Ghostface dropped their knife.
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  10. I'm in LA at the moment and on a drive through the Hollywood Hills and I may have waved at Marley Shelton to thank her for waiting while I drove past.

    She seemed nice. No lemon squares sadly.
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  11. Each film takes place in such a short period of time that there is so much we don't know about them. To me a retcon that would annoy me is if they explicitly say something and then contradict it. Simply revealing people we don't know seems okay, like Jill. Gale is another good example! We know *nothing* about her life, she could have siblings, a kid, an ex-husband, parents etc.
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  12. I don't think Jill is a good example of this, though. Actually I think it's an example of that not working.

    Martha Meeks? Sure. Why would Randy mention his sister at any point in the first two films? Learning of her existence only in the third doesn't feel out of place at all.

    But Sidney's dad leaves her all alone and she's brutally attacked and questioned by police and has to find alternate sleeping arrangements, and it doesn't come up at any point that her aunt lives just across town? Nah. Totally unbelievable, so Jill's existence itself feels like a retcon even though technically, I suppose, it isn't.
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  13. Loving that Stab/Scream picture.

    Do we think Stab will be referenced in Scream?
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  14. Proceed with Mariah Carey style Caution

    Allegedly there is a scene where a character is watching Stab which is playing the scene where "Randy" has the killer behind him screaming "look behind you!" meanwhile Ghostface is behind the Scream 5 character yelling at the movie. I'm probably not explaining it well but its very meta.
  15. If Nancy O'Dell doesn't make another iconic cameo I will be asking for my money back at the theater.
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  16. I never knew this existed!
  17. Edu


    Heather Graham said last year they were using her Stab scene in the new film:
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