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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Oh damn, I totally missed that.

    New ad. The line that's cut off at the beginning is "I know your family's secret":

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  2. Edu


    If we're getting scenes from new Stab sequels in this film, I wonder if anyone from the already announced cast could be actually playing a Ghostface-victim-in-the-movie or if we'll have some fun surprises with the casting for that.
  3. That looks like a silver mask!?
  4. Yeah it's metallic and the person wearing it is not wearing Ghostface's robes, they're actually wearing...

    The blue and yellow football jacket that Chad wears in the trailer. It's clearer in the other video on the previous page. If you slow it down you can catch the top of their left arm, showing where the colour changes at the shoulder.
  5. anonviewer stated on Twitter that he didnt remembered that scene with Judy with a knife was in the movie though
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  6. I just re-watched the first 3 films with a friend who somehow has watched Scream 4 endless times, but never thought to watch the first 3. He was research free, not spoiler free because you obviously can tell who lived or died if you've seen 4. The thing that shocked me is that his favorite ended up being Scream 3 (which many call the worst) and he wasn't fond on Scream 2 which he felt was predictable.

    As someone who loved Scream 3 I was very happy! I know it's controversial, but it really holds up when re-watching it. I love how each of the first 3 films have different settings and vibes while still feeling like Scream. I truly hope for Scream 6 they get out of Woodboro again. The Hollywood setting, the more mystery/thriller tone, the heavy focus on Gale and Dewey and of course Parker Posey were just some of the reasons it worked for me. It felt like a live action Scooby Doo movie and I loved that.

    My only wish is that we'd have gotten an end of movie Dewey scene, except this time with Jennifer surviving. I wonder if they'll bring that trope back for Scream 5.
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  7. End this friendship.
  8. Dddd exactly! Only, rated R of course. That's not to disparage the actual live action Scooby movies, the first two of which are wonderful on their own right.
  9. He said since he saw Scary Movie first, it struggled with Scream 2's opening in particular since it's such an iconic scene from that movie lol.
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  10. It was pure Shak’es’speare
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  11. I had a half-day leave to carry over to 2022 so stuck it on the afternoon of January 14th.

    I. Will. Be. There.

    Please oh please do not do a Halloween Kills to me.
  12. Uno


    So that second trailer ad basically confirms which character is on fire right?

    Looks like it's Mikey Madison's character. 2nd movie she was set on fire too!
  13. Hopefully an HD version is out this week.

    The mask is part of a "Stab 8" movie scene watched in the film, apparently.
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  14. I bet he thought it was some scurry shit!
  15. Had a weekend in Napa with some friends and we had hours to kill before our flight in San Francisco, so I made one of them drive with me to Stu’s house, which I’ve always wanted to do. It’s up a private gated street, which didn’t necessarily surprise me, but you could still see the top of it from the main road, and even that sliver of a sighting was an immense treat. It was also just cool seeing the surrounding rolling hills, streets, tiny town. A truly stunning area. It’s the sort of road trip that I knew only you sistren would appreciate.
  16. Watched the first two movies last night and had a blast as usual.

    A few things that jumped out to me more than usual: the ‘silly’ moments of the first. Ghostface in the school bathroom/in the bushes outside Tatum’s house/in the supermarket. I’ve decided it must just be people dressed up as Ghostface rather than the actual killers because…yeah. Halle in the 2nd was way more funny than I remember her ever being, underrated character by me.

    I do definitely still prefer the 1st movie but the 2nd really is all about the female characters in fantastic setups isn’t it? Jada in the cinema/SMG in the sorority house/Courtney in the sound booth/Neve & Elise in the cop car, all highlights of the franchise. And I vote this as the most iconic look of all the movies:

  17. I wish I could watch Scream 1 & 2 for the first time again not knowing anything.

    I think even back in 1996 I know who the killers were because of word of mouth but I still enjoyed the film immensely
  18. TV spot

    I'm really liking the camera angles like in the first shot of this spot.
  19. Now wait a second. Is someone wearing a silver mask?
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  20. just watched the first two films to pass time til FF14 goes back online.

    as this is popjustice, I'd also just like to come forward and say that Soho's "Whisper to a Scream" is an absolute masterpiece. I also sang it in my fourth grade talent show.....
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