The Scream Franchise

Us at Scream 3 everytime somebody mentions it:

Me at anyone who makes a negative, disparaging remark about my Scream 3

4 has a good story, it fits the series far better than the third one.

It has glaring problems though, the opening within an opening within an opening takes all the impact out of the actual opening.

The original opening with Marnie being the main focus is much better than the reshot version with Jenny taking over.

Fuck Bruce Wilis is one of the worst lines in a movie ever.

Dewey still surviving and being mopey.

The reveal of Jill being the mastermind falls flat. Emma Roberts needed a few Ryan Murphy shows to really pull off playing a psychopath.

Highlights are Kirby in general, and Sydney rushing in to punch Ghostface when Olivia was being killed.
For me, it’s 2 > 1 > 3 > 4

I know, I know. 3 is tacky, laughable (and that’s just the hair) BUT there’s something so trope-y and ironic about it all that I love. The fact that they’re slamming this Stab sequel’s lack of quality in a movie so devoid of everything that came before it isn’t lost on me. The Maureen ghost/cadaver scenes are so ridiculous and clearly shoe-horned In because they had a distinct lack of Neve in danger throughout the rest of the movie. It’s so comical it’s hard for me not to love.

Whereas, I struggled with 4. From the jarring opening to the lack of surprises in any of the deaths (or survivors) it just never resonated with me. It also didn’t help that I called the killer from their first scene, but maybe that’s my own fault, it just seemed too obvious. Don’t get me started on Marley Shelton, Dewey still being alive and that effing letterbox death. Meh.
2's pacing is a bit off especially with the copy cat plotline that goes nowhere and the section of Sidney doing theater is a bit of a drag. Still just for the shear awesomeness of the set pieces that in my opinion Wes orchestrated at the top of his game: the opening, Cici Cooper death scene, Gale's chase and the epic car scene easily makes it the second best for me.


4 is a return to form after the messy but fun as hell part 3. I just wish it had some stronger set pieces as especially the barn scene with Gale is such a waste.
4 was such a thrill to see on the big screen, and I think so many of the story beats were incredible - but they definitely didn't stick the landing 100%. Definitely better in theory than in practice - but that said, I still think it's a superior film to 3. Super enjoyable, just lacking some of the genuine scares of 1 and 2 to really elevate what was happening from a plot perspective.
Still the best "best friend" character in a horror movie.
Helen Shivers & Kirby Reed say otherwise!

Scream 1 & 2 remain PERFECT movies, even if the ending of 2 ends up being more comedy than anything else.

I adore 3, despite the silliness, but I think it gets SO bogged down by the ending. The franchise is famous for convoluted finales, but while 1 is disturbing, 2 is hilarious, & 4 is all too real, the end of 3 legitimately still confuses me to this day; it just makes almost zero sense.

As a result, 4 is such a return to form, but suffers from a lack of ANY scares. 1 & 2 balance genuine horror & comedy better than most in the genre. 4 is a delightful ride, but I don’t think there’s one scene in the film that had me anxious/nervous/paranoid/uncomfortable as any good horror film should. It just felt like a straightforward comedy.

We’re keeping discussion about the tragic TV series out of this thread, right?

I think I enjoy 2 more but 1 is just so unique and impactful, it can't be denied. As for the others, 4 is a pleasant check in with old friends but not a particularly great film and 3 is a bad joke.
Sorry for double post but one thing I always found interesting was the firing of cinematographer Mark Irwin on the first Scream. Apparently he wasn't having things in focus towards the end of the shoot so was replaced by Peter Deming who would then do the rest of the series.

Clearly Wes had a good experience working with him before as he shot New Nightmare (which looked great in my opinion) and Vampire in Brooklyn. It's weird that all of a sudden there were problems. Who knows though maybe stuff was going on personally that was affecting his work.

Overall I find cinematography wise the first Scream the best looking one followed by Deming's work on Scream 2 which was pretty solid with a darker look. Scream 3 is just looks fine. Scream 4 we know how that turned out with its weird softness and glare like something from Britney's Glory shoot. I actually calibrated my tv to make Scream 4 look better and it looks great now. My impact!
I love the opening of Scream 2. It's an homage to He Knows You're Alone but it's not a rip-off.

Jada is fantastic and her walking up to the screen is powerful, tragic and iconic.

The idea of being killed while watching a horror movie is terrifying.
Y’all trash for disrespecting Karla Wilson’s name. The best BFF and she had the nerve to survive. When will Tatum?

I mentioned it in the Horror thread recently but it’s making me scream that Kevin Williamson is now trying to claim that the Scream 2 script leak was just a dummy script and not real. Like, it was the first huge internet leak. You’re not fooling anyone.