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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Final trailer!
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  3. Uno


    So that confirms it’s Judy dying in the daylight kill - they clearly show her blonde hair and she’s the only blonde woman.
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  4. Wow, nice catch. Thank God I posted this in the spoiler thread.
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  5. Christ, it's taking all my willpower not to watch that trailer. It's so close now. Is there a lot of new footage in it?
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    Just a few extra seconds of scenes we’ve already seen - more of Dewey walking around with his gun, Tara struggling with Ghostface, and more of Amber walking to the basement.
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  7. 17 more hours until I see this!
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  8. Couldn't help myself. It looks so good.

    So, I'm going to assume that Dewey's scenes in the hospital are where he tells Sam to go, and she's in the lift that's closing behind him, so he can face off against Ghostface himself, and that's the "Sacrifice" as per the movie score. He isn't getting out of that hospital.

    It's a wee bit annoying that they've made that and Judy's demise fairly clear now. Of course we don't know anything until it happens, and they may be tricking us.
  9. Nothing to share, just commenting so I can find the thread. See you Thursday night. Hope everyone enjoys the movie!
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  10. Those are really impressive projections. I'm still cautious because most non-Spiderman films have fallen short of expectations over the last few months, but I think they played the promo incredibly smart by saving most of the big blitz for closer to release, allowing the hype to sort of slowly build up and then explode over the last few weeks.

    I continue to be devastated that I likely won't be able to see this for several weeks at least.
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  11. I don’t think Judy is important enough, but did they do the same with Gale for Scream 4? Only got Gale to be stabbed but not killed. I want to be 100% shook!
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  12. Not the harmless character behind the refrigerator door gag!!
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    It looks like Tara gets stabbed through the hand in that new trailer too - Ghostface really hates her ass, huh?
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  14. It looks like Sidney is standing beside Gale when she pops the glock

  15. I love her
  16. She's so effortlessly stunning. And the accent wasn't bad actually.
  17. I usually cringe at our accents being done but with Neve I live for it!
  18. She looks BEAUTIFUL in that interview. Glowing.
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  19. Uno


    I wonder why there are no official reviews online yet? I thought sites were allowed to post them after the 10th.
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