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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Subwaykid

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    Tickets purchased for Saturday matinee. Going to be tough to not spoil it for myself before then but really looking forward to what they do with this. Maybe it’s my memory but it seems like they’re much more invested in the franchise this time around than they were with 4, which bodes well.
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  2. So the new trailer confirms that it's Judy getting a little stabby stabbed in the daylight scenes. I wonder if this is misdirection after all, then? I'm gonna be deeply disappointed if it turns out the trailers just full-on gave away a kill. That would be so unnecessary.
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    More promo: Twitter's doing a custom feature

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  4. When does the review embargo lift?
  5. I think it's lifted.

    Guardian gives it 3 out of 5. Telegraph gives it a 2.

    Some of the American reviews are positive. Do not read the Collider review if you don't want to be spoiled.
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  6. I only listened to the first third or so of the soundtrack, saving my aural virginity for the rest. But can someone PLEASE tell me which track has the unhinged strings from the trailers? It’s the only music I’ve heard from this promo cycle with anything remotely interesting about it and I need to hear it ASAP because what I’ve heard from the soundtrack so far was enough to put me to sleep. Thank you!
  7. Empire gave it 4 out of 5, collider an A-

    Was hard to view those scores whilst not reading anything on the page.
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  8. I'm not going to read any full reviews as thats where some reviewers lately get a little to comfortable spoiling (the professionalism!) I think I should be ok if I stick with those little blurbs on Rotten Tomatoes.
  9. Refreshing Rotten Tomatoes as we speak.
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  10. Aaaaaaand we're cooking...


  11. Same!

    I watched Spooky Astronauts review and she liked yet didn't love it. Said it was very different then the others and less fun. I think the original is fun but also more brutal/serious then people might remember compared to the sequels. I don't mind this one switching it up a bit.

    Megan Navarro at Bloody-Disgusting who I know is a Scream stan gave it 4/5.
  12. Total film have it 4/5 too. Shocked to see reviews as low as 2/5. The early reactions always put me in a false sense of security.
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  13. I'm not reading any full reviews, just in case. Some of the headlines are promising though. I saw one that said "Scream knows what you're expecting and surprises you anyway."

    IGN gave it 9/10 and tagged it as "Amazing".
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  14. I really think this movie will be a shot in the arm to the franchise and honestly I think it's needed. It might put some people off.

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  15. In skipping to the end of the IGN review to get their score, I saw them say it sets up a clear path for a future of the franchise that some might not have thought possible.

    This is really exciting.
  16. IT STARTS NOW!!!
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  17. Oooooh, I know you all hate Grace Randolph, but her non spoiler review is up and she LIVED.

    Best sequel apparently, and she calls the 3rd act reveal "jaw dropping", "incredible", "gutsy" and "aggressive".

    I'm quivering. I've only watched 3 minutes of her 8 minutes review but I don't think I'll go any further, just in case, even though she says she's been careful to avoid spoilers.
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  18. 2 hours to go for me
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  19. I've booked tickets for Saturday. What the hell is 2D-4DX going to be like? I can't wait to get stabbed in the back and sprayed with blood! Not watching any trailers now and will be avoiding any reviews just in case. I watched Scream 4 the other day on Netflix. I find the ending feels like it was tacked on, I'm not the biggest fan of that. But I do like the everything up to that point. I wish the others were on streaming somewhere.
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