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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. As far as I remember, it is a tacked on ending the Weinsteins forced on them. The original ending had Jill surviving with Sidney's fate up in the air.
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  2. This time apparently, the quiz is about the Stab movies. Kind of brilliant in its obviousness, isn't it?
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  3. She also said what I was fearing about Melissa based on what I've seen. Sidney Prescott she is not I hope she dies and Jenna is the new SIdney.
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  4. It’s currently at 93% on Rotten Tomatoes.
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  5. Eventhough it would have been really interesting if Jill survived imagine us waiting 11 years for a new movie. They probably would have erased Scream4 with this new one and I don‘t want that mess.
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  6. Not really spoilers just a screen pic of the ign score with a bit of blurb but hid just in case.

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  7. A lot of the positive reviews have a "meh" air them them to them, but I feel like a lot of this is people who know of the franchise but aren't in any way enthused or that knowledgeable about it.
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  8. Also avoid the Empire review. It spoils the first death in the first sentence.
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  9. This is exactly why I am not reading these damn reviews. You can review a slasher film without spoiling it. This is intentional and I hate they do that.

    Plus, the reviews often are pointless because so many of the people doing them aren’t a fan of these franchises. I much prefer seeing fan reactions, like here, with people who know Scream. That’s what I’m looking forward to after I watch the movie.
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  10. And on that note I am disappearing for a few days just like Neil Prescott.

    You can call me at the airport hotel if you need me.

    *I'll be back Friday night once I've watched it.
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  11. I've not looked at it yet, but thanks for the heads up. That's so irritating and totally unnecessary.
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  12. But 65 on metacritic
  13. Metafloptic.
  14. DON'T read the Entertainment Weekly review. DO NOT read it. It has a massive spoiler in it.
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  15. Just got home from seeing it and I was actually very impressed.
    Great use of the legacy cast but does set the series off in a potential new direction which is refreshing.
    Both casts mesh well and there were some out loud gasps, jumps, reactions and applause.
    PLENTY of nostalgic easter eggs for fans of the series and gives the toxic side of the fandom just enough of a stab to be really satisfying.
    I think ill definitely need another viewing to soak it all everything that happened and the new status quo the series possibly has.
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  16. I just finished watching!

    Everything mentioned about the 3rd act is correct. The movie moved the story really well. This definitely felt like OG Scream but 2022. It’s a 10/10 for me.

    My cinema was so reactive! People applauded, screamed out loud, cried and gasped.

    I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow night!
  17. No spoilers but how are you ranking?
  18. In my own honest opinion, the freshness of the series and the genre itself might have me blinded for a while. It’s very compatible to the OG Scream in terms of twists and turns but given this is like a reboot (for lack of a better word), they have raised the dynamic a lot more. They very much play on your suspicions throughout going into this as a Scream - Scream 4 viewer but the movie is meta enough for fans to almost over-rely on their Scream (and Horror) knowledge.

    I would say if you’re new to the franchise, this would be the best movie. For me, at this point in time it’s my favourite in line with the original but perhaps for the reasons stated above.
  19. I sadly didn’t get into the screening. My friend was told he had guaranteed seat passes but when we got there the screening organizer didn’t save the correct amount of seats so we got screwed, which sucks but I can wait till the fan event tomorrow night.

    However, from a discord I’m on, someone else saw it and posted these:
    (Read at your own risk, it spoils pretty much the whole film)

    *This film is HARD R. The kills are brutal, gory as hell at times and super bloody. Ghostface is a menacing murderer again*
    1. Opening scene is the Tara scene from the trailer. Killer quizzes her on the Stab series but she says she only watches indie horror. “Quiz me on The Babadook, It Follows, Hereditary, The VVitch”. We are led to believe Tara is dead but it’s a fake out and you find out later in the film she is still alive. She’s used as a pawn to get Sam back to town.
    2. Sam is Billy Loomis’ daughter. She only found out because she read her mothers diary. She has visions of Billy and he talks to her. Yes, Skeet is back.
    3. Dewey dies brutally, like sliced open to the point where no one would survive it..
    4. Amber and Richie are the killers. Amber did all the murdering as Ghostface and Richie was the mastermind. He actually lies to Sam in the film and says he hates horror films and never saw a Stab movie. Quite the opposite. Amber and Richie met on an online forum for the Stab films. Stab 8 deviates from the Scream formula and goes Purge-like. This pissed Amber and Richie off, so they conspired on the forum to set up a new story to reboot the Stab series to get it back to the original premise but with new characters, a new story and the OG’s. Amber found out about Sam being Billy’s daughter because of rumors in town and they conspire to set up Sam and Tara as the killers.
    5. Gale gets shot in the stomach by Amber but survives.
    6. Richie stabs Sidney but she survives. Amber incapacitates Sidney
    7. Amber goes to shoot Gale and says “This is such an honor. I killed Dewey and now I get to kill you”. Amber also taunts Gale and says “Dewey died like a fucking pussy”. Hearing this gives Gale the strength she needs to get up and fight back. Sidney eventually comes to, helps Gale. Gale and Sidney get the upper hand and Gale shoots Amber. Amber in defeat sets herself on fire, going out in a big way.
    8. Sam and Richie fight. As Richie is about to end her, Sam has one final vision of Billy in a mirror and he looks down, showing Sam there’s a knife behind the door. She reaches for it quick, Richie gets on top of her and asks if she has any last words. She says “yes, I have a new role for the movie. Don’t mess with the daughter of a serial killer” and stabs Richie. He falls off of her and she gets on top of him and just brutally stabs him over and over, much like Ghostface did to people in the film. It’s an interesting aspect of the character.
    9. Sidney tells Sam you always have to make sure they’re dead and fires a few gunshots into Richie’s body
    10. Just when you think it’s over, you hear a scream and Amber runs at them with a knife all burnt up and then suddenly gets shot. She falls and you see Tara alive.
    11. Sidney, Gale, Sam and Tara all survive.
    12. Deaths (in order): Vince, Judy, Wes, Dewey, Liv, Richie, Amber
    13. Blink and you miss it: Kirby is ALIVE. No cameo but Richie has a YouTube video up on his laptop that says “Interview with SURVIVOR Kirby Reed”.
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  20. I'm back. I just can't help myself. (I almost clicked on the spoiler thread as well).

    Lots of people raving about it in the Woodsboro horror film club group.
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