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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I just realized there was a missed opportunity there that could have been so great if happened - how did they not mention that Sam is not only the daughter of a serial killer, but also the granddaughter of one?! Mrs. Loomis aka best killer in the franchise!
  2. Ah this was a total blast.

    I worked myself up into a frenzy during it. My nerves were shattered.

    It’s so clever and timely and fast paced and well cast and uh, just so much to take in.

    What a love letter to fans of the whole franchise, not just the first film. I really, really appreciated that.
  3. This is not the spoiler thread.
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  4. The only scene that I thought wasn't good was when Sam is revealing to Tara she read the diaries and found out Billy was her dad. It's a huge reveal that's spilled out in 1 minute with weird/terrible acting.
  5. Scream 4 was released in 2011.
  6. Kudos to everybody on set / producers keeping the Skeet Ulrich cameo on lock & key. Don’t think anyone saw him returning as a possibility. The supernatural hallucination thing was a bit off for the franchise, but it was cool to see him again.
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  7. Mr.Arroz

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  8. I really wish he hadn’t come back djdjd. Or at least not… like that. A dream sequence maybe?
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  9. Edu


    When Marley Shelton posted on Instagram the announcement about her coming back for this movie, she tagged the entire cast + Skeet, then deleted the post. So there were rumors about him being involved in the movie in some form after that, but I was kinda expecting it was gonna be in a flashback or dream sequence.
  10. I can finally come back to this thread. I'm just back from seeing it. No spoiler tags needed in here! That's the purpose of this thread.

    So, it was great. I really enjoyed it. A lot. It's not a 10/10 though.

    I totally agree that Sam was a charisma vacuum. She sure aint to Sid. I certainly don't need to see any more of her.

    Of the newbies, Mindy was the MVP. Amber was great too, but was essentially wearing a neon sign saying "I'm the killer" round her neck. It was so obvious. Similarly with Richie. Me and my other half both guessed it was those two very early on.

    I am actually a bit sad at how much we already knew based only on the trailer and the reveal of the score track names. We were already able to identify who was on fire, who was watching them burn and essentially what would happen in the hospital.

    And on that note, Dewey. He had to go. It was his time, but he had a great run. This was a good movie for him and he also earned one of the most effective death scenes in the franchise in my opinion. When you realise that he's being sliced open from both sides, it's brutal. David played it perfectly. That was a truly grisly end to his story.

    The movie did lose me a bit in the middle. I think it was because I really didn't care that much for most of the new characters, Sam included. I just wanted more Sid and Gale. And therein lies the issue. Do I want more Scream movies without them? No I do not.

    Oh and before I forget, the CGI Billy was unforgiveable. Skeet surely didn't actually film any of that. That could have been any actor doing it, with a digital filter over the face. It was truly wretched in places. I absolutely hated that stuff.
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  11. Billy should have just been a voiceover. The de-aging CGI was… not great.
  12. I didn‘t mind Billy too much but we def didn‘t need another one telling Sam where the knife was, that was really stupid ddd.
  13. Poor Charlie being forgotten.
  14. Oops
  15. It’s time!! See you on the other side.
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  16. I threw my hands up at that point. It was one hallucination too far. It's really my only big dislike about the movie. I so wish they hadn't done any of that.

    To be honest, I'd have rather had Stu still be alive and looking fucked up, than the CGI mess they made of Billy. Stu could have made his grand entrance once they'd offed Amber and Richie.

    And I know we touched on the physicality issue, and how we need to suspend belief for a bit, but for being a very small woman, Amber must have had extreme physical strength in some of those confrontations. And also sustained no obvious injuries despite taking a lot of direct hits. It's just a niggle.

    It's easier to discuss the negative stuff, but there were so many positives too. Ghostface in general was so menacing. I loved it.

    They really played with expectations a lot, like Wes closing all the open doors in the kitchen.

    The scene with Mindy and Amber in the basement was also chef's kiss.

    Sidney. Perfection.
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  17. The estimates are about spot on then. $30-35m range for the full weekend hopefully.

    That's really good. Hopefully the international numbers will be decent too.
  18. I enjoyed the film for what it was. I agree with various hits and misses already stated here but for the most part the references and meta was roughly the things I'd have expected from this franchise.

    Two things I liked:
    The dig at Gale's Scream 3 bangs
    The edit where the movie cut from the flamethrower in Stab 8 to Amber was a nice Once Upon a Time in Hollywood reference and foreshadow.
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  19. Wes having a „famous“ actor and dying quite early on mirrored Sarah Michelle Gellar dying quite early in Scream2 for me. I liked that.

    Also Judy being a returning character from the previous movie dying in daylight mirrored Randy dying that way too in Scream2.
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