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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. The universal acclaim for Neve's performances throughout this franchise warms my heart. I really wish they utilized her & Courteney more but the third act of their teamwork yet again had everybody cheering.
  2. Girls, what a BLAST.

    It's been a while since I've left the cinema with such an adrenaline rush. There were stuff that could've been done better, sure (I'm heading to the Spoilers thread for that), but I'm so excited and happy and it's been done with such love an admiration that I'm so satisfied.
  3. Right, I'm just trying to sort out timelines in my head.

    So, during Tara's Stab quiz at the start, she is shown Amber being filmed and then Ghostface waves a knife in front of the camera, so it must have been Richie making the call.

    So, how did they get to Tara's house in the minutes between that and all the doors opening? And aren't we led to assume that Sam and Richie are hours away from Woodsboro, so he drove there and back again that night, without his girlfriend noticing? And didn't she specifically confirm that he was with her that night when someone pointed out that he was a potential suspect?

    I've only seen it once, so I may be misremembering.
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  4. I think the Amber video wasn‘t live. They could have recorded that video days ago. So I thought it was Amber attacking Tara in the end.

    Or did Ghostface facetime her? I don‘t remember. I‘d still think that if he could hack her doors he could also send a fake facetime video ddd.
  5. The video came as a message in .mp4 format, so it was almost definitely pre-recorded.

    And while I'm here, I completely want to echo the endless statements of how ridiculous Skeet looked and was integrated into the film. For some reason, though, my brain took it as they were, for lack of a better term, making light of Sidney's visions of her mother in S3.
  6. Yeah, I also felt the Amber ‘live’ was a fakeout & likely a recorded video - I would need to rewatch or have someone confirm that makes sense as I don’t recall what technology was used to play the clips.

    Also, Richie and Sam live in Modesto, which is about 2 hours away from Santa Rosa, which is where the original Scream was filmed - and around where I’ve always assumed Woodsboro is meant to be located - so it would be entirely possible for Richie to make that trip before & after an attack in one night. Especially if Richie & Sam don’t live together & have only been dating for a few months.
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  7. My literal scream when the legend appeared that is MARTHA!!!!!

    I loved it. It was fun and the script was genius. My only let down was the lack of long chase scenes, I miss those.

    Also I appreciated the Billy visions, I like that this could lead Sam to become the killer and we follow her story...
  8. Ah I didn't remember the video coming in as an mp4. That covers that then!

    I forgot the scene at the Meeks house. I loved Martha's "ooooh, suspects". She made the most of her minute screen time.
  9. Sam stabbing him 22 times...slicing his throat and 3 bullets.... oof.
  10. It’s even better on second viewing, girls.

    Sarah Michelle Gellar and Mrs. Loomis’ bulging eyeballs are the only things preventing this from being hands down #2 in the franchise for me, and even then it still might be.
  11. Yeah and him still talking! People in this movie were capable of sustaining insane amounts of stab wounds. Their poor organs.

    Cut to Sid and Gale just chilling, looking fabulous, after getting a knife in the gut. Icons only.
  12. I keep seeing people (only one in this thread, but many elsewhere) mention Amber setting herself on fire. I think people missed the very quick "hand sanitizer?!" comment from Amber when Sidney smashed the bottle over her head. She stumbled onto the flame and was set on fire accidentally.

    I'm disappointed that everyone but me seemed to have caught the Kirby easter egg.
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  13. Truly.
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  14. 2>1>5>3>4 for me.
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  15. As a newcomer to the franchise I had an absolute blast. The callbacks were a nice way to make me wanna watch the others and I think the meta commentary was broad enough with other films to work
  16. Seeing Martha was great!

    I didn‘t catch the Kirby part so I still won‘t believe it til I see it myself again.

    Also how chilling is it when you realize that Richie didn‘t watch the Stab8 video to get to know it but he actually watched it cause he probably watched it a million times and hated it. And he is just chilling and eating Pizza.
  17. Girls, I... I don't know where to start even. What a rush!

    I have a lot on my mind so I will vomit my thoughts in somewhat a jumbled mess, but I'm just too excited.

    I completely loved it, it's such an unhinged love letter to the originals and it's pouring at its seems.

    The characters were so well-written and fleshed out bar a couple of them, the Meeks twins are a shoot and a complete surprise - I know Mindy's an instant fan-fave (deservedly so, imagine Kirby and her teaming up) but is Chad the best Chad character there's ever been in a horror film? So damn likable! Randy would be so proud of his family (THAT. SHRINE.).

    Even though you could tell who the killers were (mostly Amber who I knew had to be one just because the actress has something about her), but I love how it shadows doubt in all of them - even Tara for a good second, and she got her leg crushed on screen, for god's sake! Richie, and especially Amber (what a fun, completely deranged girl who's now the woman with most kills to her name on the saga! Congrats Amber!) were everything Jill and Charlie tried to be without actually having the range.

    A couple thing that slightly threw me off were why does Amber feel so uncomfortable when Sam first arrives at the hospital - I feel like that's not properly explored. Was she just pretending to be protective of Tara? And, the logical part of me hated the Billy Loomis hallucinations (as much as I hated the Maureen ones on Scream 3), but seeing Skeet back... I gasped.

    And of course, our OGs. I always underestimate how good of an actress Courteney Cox is and Gale's spark is back completely. We all felt that it was Dewey's time to go, and even though it was sad that his life was in shambles, he died with so much honor and respect, you can't fault it. And of course, our main girl, Sidney Bad Bitch Prescott. What a woman, and what a rare character in Horror history.

    I was slightly afraid Melissa Barrera would not be up to the task, but she gets better as the movie progresses, finally finding her footing in the end. Jenna Ortega was absolutely fantastic, and her acting during the opening gave me absolute chills.

    The amount of little nods to us fans... from the lemon squares post-it, Gale complaining about bangs, Sidney being married to Kincaid, mentioning that Stab 8 was directed by the guys who did Ready Or Not, the Dead Meat cameo, HEATHER MATARAZZO - to the point of the killers motive being actual fan hysteria... they know us so well. I was constantly scared that the fan-servicing was going to veer off and suddenly jump the shark, but it was perfect. When the original score pieces come in with Dewey and Sidney entering Stu's house... chills.

    Also, last but not least, the film featuring (and being) a literal party for Wes... let me get emotional for a bit.

    I can't wait to go and watch it again.

  18. That was a complete pile of shit, I’m absolutely heartbroken.
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  19. upload_2022-1-14_19-46-21.png

    I can‘t read much but it is Kirby.
  20. 070 Shake's "Guilty Conscience" on the soundtrack is a highlight for me. The Tame Impala remix remains the best version but it was nice to hear.
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