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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

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    Girls, what a treat. I howled. I 5creamed.

    I’ll get the bad out of the way first. The Skeet return was unnecessary. A cute idea but less would’ve definitely been more. The scenes with him were overlit too, which exposed the terrible make-up/CGI.

    Sam was pretty bad. The casting was pretty much universally great so she stuck out like a sore thumb. That scene at the hospital where Jenny Ortega was acting her ass off, and Melissa tried to push that tear out. Sis.

    Woodsboro still lacked the scope and gloss that it had in Scream.

    The good? Everything else. They even managed to make Dewey enjoyable and he’s been an unbearable twat in every other movie for me. He went out like a hero and his death was really effective. I even cared about bloody Judy in the end I-

    It goes without saying that Sid and Gale were iconic. They really dominated that third act and I loved that they got to attack the killers together. I feared when Gale got shot that she’d miss the climax again.

    I loved the new cast. They succeeded here where they failed in Scream 4. I really liked these kids, especially the twins. Mindy was such a highlight.

    Martha Meeks? Icon, legend, the moment etc etc. And I love that they confirmed that Kirby lived.

    The third act was fucking nuts. The stabbings, the shootings, the hand sanitiser. Can Mikey Madison even play a sane human being in her career at this point? Who’s to say?

    At one point, I’d have just been happy to have this film so the franchise didn’t end on the sour note of Scream 4 but I really think the new cast can carry a couple of sequels. Tara, Mindy and Chad would be a great new trio. Sam can be the opening kill of Scream 6.
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  3. Sidney and Gale having a third act without Dewey was literally a dream come true.
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  4. It is a bit sad that Sidney and Dewey only talked via phone and didn‘t see each other face to face again.
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  5. Glad I wasn't alone in thinking this. Her acting seemed really laboured and, as a final girl, she was no Sidney, despite her savagery. Maybe she'll improve for Scream Kills.

    So happy about that Kirby Easter Egg.
  6. Overall; Im fairly disappointed. It was still a good film but I felt that the majority of the new characters were even worse than the ones from Scream 4. It had some great kills though, even if it had the weakest climax.

    Unfortunately it was the worst movie going experience I’ve ever had. Two groups of teenagers ended up getting kicked out, after shouting at each other across the cinema. Hopefully I’ll enjoy the film more on a rewatch.
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  7. Overall I don’t know how to feel.
    I loved all the fab service, (Kirby, Martha and all the callbacks.) The opening was great and so was the Judy/Wes death. I was so glad that Dewey died because I assumed that meant Gale/Sidney would be fine, so that worked for me as well.

    But I was really disappointed in both killers and that really ruined the third act for me. I only watched the first trailer and besides from Wes, I didn’t know any of the new cast, so I had no expectations but I guessed the killers straight away. I wish Ritchie hadn’t been at the hospital and got slashed, as that solidified it for me, and Amber was just obvious.

    I also didn’t really care about any of the new characters, part of that is definitely because I was so worried about Gale/Sidney, so hopefully I’ll like them more on rewatches, and hopefully I’ll appreciate Amber/Ritchie and the third act more as well. I did love the Amber reveal though.

    Sam was fine, but I expect a lot more in a Scream final girl and none of the new characters brought it for me. Besides from Sam/Tara/Ritchie I felt like none of the new characters got nearly enough screen time and yet I didn’t feel like the original trio got enough either. Maybe because it was less spread out and interspersed with other scenes like in Scream 4.

    I do wish Sidney and Gale got to kick a little more ass at the end, but it was still fun. I also loved how gory the film was.

    Overall I’m feeling positive about it, and I think I’ll like it alot more with rewatches.
  8. Honestly I bloody loved it!!
  9. I totally forgot to mention the music call backs! That was the big thing that was missing from the 4th film for me, the score is so brilliant and intrinsically linked with the Scream films that you get tingles as soon as you hear certain parts. Also the little bit of 'Red Right Hand' playing from the car radio was genius.

    Also Gale's "there's your passing the torch" (or something like that?) after igniting Amber on fire.

    Somebody has compiled all the easter eggs/references to the past films on Reddit -

    Scream 1:

    • Dewey has Tatum’s ashes in a box on his shelf

    • Sam is related to Billy

    • Vince is related to Stu

    • Mindy and Chad are related to Randy

    • Mindy gets a super-meta recreation of Randy’s “Look Behind You” Scene

    • The episode of Dawson's Creek that Tara is watching in the hospital (S1E11 - The Scare) is the one that spoofs Scream, there is a Scream Poster on Joshua Jackson's wall in that episode, Scott Fowley (Roman) is in the episode, and it was written by Kevin Williamson.

    • The finale takes place at the Macher House

    • Gale mentions her book about Maureen’s death was the catalyst that started all the killings (the infamous “I’ll send you a copy” book)

    • Sam reaching for the umbrella when Ritchie is about to kill her is a callback to Sid stabbing Billy with an umbrella when she pops out of the closet

    • The closeup on the knife in Sam's hand as she stabs Ritchie is an exact recreation of the knife in Billy's hand as he is about to kill Sidney

    • Sam cleans the blood off the knife with her hand like the killer always does

    • Final shot of the movie is a reporter in front of the Macher House

    • Sidney's Theme is used (0:35 from the track History Repeats on the Soundtrack) - LINK
    Scream 2:

    • There is a tribute to Randy’s death at the Meeks House

    • We see a new scene from the original Stab, which is introduced in Scream 2. This brings us to a total of three full scenes we've seen from the original Stab.

    • Heather Graham playing Casey Becker in Stab is a Trivia question in the opening scene

    • You can also see David Schwimmer, Luke Wilson, and Tori Spelling in the cast list for Stab on Tara’s phone

    • Sid's finale look (black shirt and leather jacket) is her same finale look in Scream 2

    • Dewey's Theme from Scream 2 is used (4:18 from the track Sacrifice on the Soundtrack) - LINK
    Scream 3:

    • Sid is married to Detective Kincaid

    • Gale mentions never having bangs again on her morning show

    • Martha Meeks has a cameo

    • Killer wears a bullet proof vest like Roman

    • Dewey knows you have to shoot the killer in the head because that's the only way Roman finally went down

    • Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey) is listed in the IMDB cast for Stab.

    • Sid says "I tried running too, it always follows" after she went into hiding in Scream 3
    Scream 4:

    • Sam references the last time there were killings in Woodsboro was 11 years ago

    • Judy has a note to Wes saying there were lemon squares in the fridge

    • Gale tells Sam that Judy didn't really like her either

    • Killers motive is about how the later Stab films are all terrible, something the girls discuss in the opening scene of Scream 4

    • When Ritchie is binging Stab content, one of the suggested YouTube videos on the laptop confirms Kirby is Alive
  10. I loved it and can’t wait to watch again! Go watch it in 4DX cos it’s a lot of fun.
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  11. I think I'll go and see this again in a couple of weeks and take everything in properly. For me right now I'd rank them 1-2-5-3-4
  12. Another Kirby Easter egg I’m seeing, but missed, is apparently when Dewey calls Sid, you see Kirby listed in his call history.
  13. OK that was really fun. Not quite 1 or 2 levels for me but still great. Defo need to watch again.
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  14. I LOVED that. Easily a close entry behind 1 and 2 in the franchise. All the references to the other films were so well done, the writing was really sharp, I was genuinely gasping in shock and delight at points (Heather Mattarazzo! Gale and Sidney setting Amber on fire!!) Dewey’s death was also genuinely affecting, I was weeping.

    I called Amber being a killer early on because she was serving evil but I was fully shocked by the Richie reveal, I was convinced it was Tara working with Amber and was so proud when he said he’d figured that out! Jack Quaid was giving Timothy Olyphant post-reveal too, which I loved.

    My only big issues were the colour grading (not as bad as 4, but the originals were so bright and the colours popped off the screen); and the character of Liv never clicked into place for me. Awful eye make-up.

    I also think they could have laid the fandom stuff on maybe ten per cent less thick and it would have worked just as well/better, but that’s always been Scream!

    They mention Judy Hicks being a character in one of the sequels (the scene at the Meeks house), so I think there must have been a film of Scream 4 at some point?
  15. Wow what a rush. I need to compose myself but overall it was great. I'll return for thoughts when processed it although agree a bigger chase scene would have elevated it
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  16. I also agree with the comment earlier in the thread that they should have just made Amber Tara’s girlfriend. I honestly kind of assumed they were for most of it?

    (Was there a spoiler at some point that they were girlfriends? I could swear I read something.)
  17. It was rumored for a long time that they were either girlfriends or used to be. Maybe they even tried to imply it but guess not enough.
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  18. I saw it earlier girls, and to the surprise of no one, I stanned.

    Gale and Sid are honestly the most iconic duo of all time. Not just in horror, or even just cinema. Of anything. Ever. I honestly adored how as soon as their best friend was killed, they were immediately back in action with one aim of killing the killer, and were actively hunting them down. The fight with Amber was amazing, I especially loved the bit where they picked her up and launched her over the kitchen counter ddd. And of course the fact that Gale was the one to shoot her after what she'd done to Dewey, only for Amber to then catch fire. ''FUCK YOU!'' indeed. I love that Gale was so involved in the final showdown. Also, Sid giving a 5 second warning and then shooting every door, and her hanging up on the killer mid conversation because she was bored? Queen behaviour.

    As someone who was never much of a fan of Dewey, his ending was actually pretty perfect. Suitably brutal and heroic, and actually made me surprisingly sad for him. It was definitely the right move though, as it was the exact catalyst needed to push the final act through without seeming forced.

    All the little easter eggs were perfect, such a love letter to the first four films, and showed how much respect the new team had for the series. The fact that KIRBY IS ALIVE?!! My heart.

    A couple of the characters could have done with fleshing out more. Liv was pretty nothingy, even though there was potential there. Vince was basically an extra. Did he even have more than 5 words of dialogue? I've no idea if the actor is particularly known, but given that the character ended up being related to Stu, you'd have thought he might have had a bit more to do. Amber could have also done with a bit more screen time, but she was still great once the reveal happened. Her casually shooting Liv and then declaring Act 3 had started was hilarious.

    I don't think Sam is as bad as a lot of you do. I actually quite liked her, but she did feel a bit weaker than the rest. I don't think it helped that most of her scenes were with Jenna, who is just a total star. Once the final act started, I was more appreciative of her though. The way she went HAM on Ritchie and stabbed him 20+ plus times, and then emptied multiple bullets into him? Tara was great, and it was nice to have someone attacked in the opening make it all the way to the end. Chad and Mindy were great new additions too.

    I was surprised by how few kills there were too. Not in a bad way, as it was still fully brutal, but aside from the killers, there were only 5 deaths. I suppose that was also a bit of a throwback to the original which didn't really have many kills either. I also wonder if it was a response to the criticism of Scream 4 where pretty much all of the new cast ended up dead (BUT NOT KIRBY YASSS.) If there is another sequel (manifesting etc) there's a good amount of new characters to use. If the response to Sam is similar everywhere, I can imagine her being a shock death though ddd and maybe pushing Tara as a new lead? I think for the first time they could also get away with one of the survivors being the killer too if they wanted to go that way.

    Now, as for the biggest flaw....

    CGI Billy.


    He literally looked like something out of Encanto or The Simpsons or something. I screamed but maybe not in the way they wanted. I could just about accept the first couple of scenes as some kind of homage to Sid's visions of Ms Maureen in 3, but that but where he was pointing Sam in the direction of the knife?

    Anyway, another fantastic entry in an iconic franchise.

  19. The film could have easily been 15 to 20 minutes longer and it wouldn't have felt padded out to me to fit parts of this in.
  20. BTG


    Tara and Amber were definitely dating in the original drafts. It was in the 2020 casting sides.

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