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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Just out and I thoroughly enjoyed it and I have a LOT to process. Not sure how it’ll hold up on repeat viewings but it was a wonderful ride and it felt like it slipped naturally into the existing canon. Overall, it was just wonderful to be in the world again.
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  2. Just out of the cinema and I loved it. Agree with others it doesn’t hit the highs of the first two but a great watch and so good to see Woodsboro again.

    I wish the four OG’s had a scene together before Hicks was killed but enjoyed that she got her moment!

    Also the YouTube thumbnail of an interview with Kirby Reed! Very interesting and would be great if they brought her back for the next film.
  3. I really appreciate that they doesn’t kill of the first confirmed queer character in the franchise, excluding the cop from Scream 2.

    I do hope that in a potential Scream 6 that they don’t follow Sam. I didn’t dislike her, but one movie was enough. This film didn’t sell me on a Scream film without Sidney/Gale, but if they combined Tara, Mindy and Kirby (maybe Mark as well, I think it would have a good cast of characters.
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  4. Loved it. Didn’t mind Sam. Needle drops were on point and the callbacks were iconic.

    And no chase scene? Tara in the wheelchair with Ghostface right behind her was tense as all hell.

    Jasmine Savoy Brown owned that monologue.
  5. I hope they bring Kirby back after that blinkandyou’llmissit Easter egg!
  6. I think doing that Easter egg definitely means the filmmakers would want to - so I imagine it would just be if Hayden wanted to/was in a good place to come back?
  7. I can't get over how Sid and Gale got shot/stabbed/thrown over bannisters/strangled, not to mention that they'd literally just shot and set fire to a serial killer, and at the end they were still just sitting there quite casually having a chat.

    Never in my life have I stanned two people as much as I do those.
  8. I am BEYOND satisfied. It'll never touch the originals but it was everything scream 4 wanted to be.
  9. I have to say my heart was warm when Gale said she‘d write a book about Dewey instead of the killers.

    Growth even in her 5th movie.

    And Sidney just hanging up on Ghostface.

    My two queens.
  10. This was what I was expecting the chase to be. They paid so much attention to her hand bleeding on the wheels that I was expecting ghostface to follow bloody tire tracks to hunt her down.
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  11. Oh my god, imagine if we'd got Debbie Salt-Loomis in those vision scenes too...
  12. Protected by scar tissue from previous injuries perhaps? Ha!
  13. They clearly decided to slow down the body count on this one to have new characters to follow in potential sequels.
  14. BTG


    To think Neve Campbell got such a glorious return in this movie and mere months ago, all poor Jamie Lee got in Halloween Kills was a bad wig and an injection in the ass.
  15. And not one single utterance of ''EVIL DIES TONIGHT''

  16. I could cry that was fucking incredible. Like fuck me, WOW.
  17. Thanks to Grace‘s stupid tweet „you‘ll never guess the killer“ I thought for a second Tara‘s and Sam‘s mom would be the killer at some point ddd.
  18. But the conference in London!
  19. Also Sidney cutting off the killer mid phone call near the end was so perfect and badass.
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