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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I could cry it was a fucking love letter to Scream. The fact I’m excited for a new trilogy even if the old cast aren’t in it? I’m so happy.

    It did everything 4 tried to do, but failed.
  2. This is a Meeks-Martin family stan account.

    Tara or Mindy should have been the Final Girl (although this film had 5). Melissa Barrera was really bad until they got to Stu's house, whereas I would have been more than happy to see more of those two. The opening attack was great, could even have been a bit longer. Overall thought it was great though, and I would be satisfied if this was the last one.
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  3. 6 kills, plus the two killers.

    The first film was 5 murders plus the two killers. I’m actually glad they had a lot of survivors at the end of this one for a change, because I’m selfishly hoping for more sequels.

    Plus, I don’t think I’ve ever been as worried about characters dying in a slasher film. Don’t get me wrong, I love a slasher film with a crazy body count too. But that’s what’s always set Scream on a higher level from me.
  4. It was hilarious. She literally has zero fucks or patience for the games anymore, she was there to kill and nothing else.

    I also stanned how furious and offended Ghostface seemed when she was hanging up.
  5. The amount of times Camila Cabello got stabbed and yet she still managed to beat the killer to a pulp with her crutch? Queen.
  6. That was honestly almost on par with 1 and just a smidge below 2. A love letter to the franchise and fucking fantastic. I am in BITS.
  7. Two things from trailer that didn't make the film?

    Neve's line "Whatever his link is to our past, it's brought us all back here,"

    And this Amber scene...Don't remember this trailer scene GIF being in the final movie either.
  8. The final act was honestly like watching a blockbuster superhero team up movie (but like. Good)
  9. Need a high quality GIF of Sidney’s “Go fuck yourself.” - queen of expert line delivery throughout the franchise.

    PS: I'll never understand this forum's hatred for Dewey. Loved him in every film, and to see him go out like that was just sad.
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  10. I was so relieved when Dewey died because I knew it probably meant Gale and Sidney would be fine, I’m curious to see if I find his death more emotional on a rewatch. I did think David Arquette was brilliant in all his scenes, even if his death was clearly inevitable after his first scene.
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  11. Edu


    Just bring together Sam, Tara, Chad, Mindy, Kirby, some love interests, the new Gale in a yellow suit that appeared in the last shot reporting live from Amber's house, another cameo from Martha Meeks, maybe a cameo from the original Gale and then Eva Longoria as Sam and Tara's mother and that's it, we're ready for Scream Kills/The Last Scream/Scream: Still Screaming in 2024.
  12. Just got out of the cinema. It was such a fun ride. I definitely agree with the general consensus that the Billy hallucinations were bad and Sam was very flat. The Judy/Wes scene was actually really fucking sad… it may have been my favourite scene in the movie and in broad daylight as well?! Also, Dewey’s death really hit me. Mainly because it was so brutal ending with “it’s an honour”. Chills.

    Mindy was great. I loved her. She made me laugh the most. I wish she was in the final act more but I get why she wasn’t, it was already pretty crowded.

    Regarding the killers… definitely Amber was obvious to me. I swear when Ritchie and Amber “meet” for the first time at the hospital they exchange a look which set off red flags. However, they actually threw me off Ritchie’s scent as the movie progressed.

    Obviously Sidney and Gale are the GOATs and anytime they were on screen I was in awe.
  13. There were mixed reactions from my friends but I loved it. A lot of love and care went into this film. I can't wait to see it again on Sunday.
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  14. I'm so fucking excited to see this with my friend tomorrow. We watched all four movies while she was here cause she hadn't seen them and she's looking forward to it now too.
  15. On the subject of Liv being underdeveloped, I actually liked how they wrote her. Mindy made a big point of how she was an expendable Mary Sue without much going for her. To me, that made the scene where Liv confronts her more impactful because we didn’t know a lot about her. I was sitting there just as confused as Mindy, even though I was convinced the killer was Amber.

    A big theme seemed to be trusting your instincts with them going back to basics. Even though Amber was acting suspicious AF *and* was the person who was texting Tara, nobody even gave her a second thought. That was on them lol. I loved that Sidney clocked her in two seconds.
  16. Melissa Barrera's performance really getting roasted on the Reddit forum.
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  17. I wonder if they’ll take this into account for a sequel, because everywhere I’ve discussed it at, that’s the main thing people agree on.

    Now I do think she excelled in the final act, so I think she could be useful in the future as a killer. Perhaps she could be the killer in the next film and they can pivot to Mindy/Kirby/Tara as a combo of new final girls.
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  18. Re-watching the fancam version circulating online and yeah, as little as she's featured in this until the final act, some of Neve/Sidney's dialogue is some of her series best. "Let me guess, the movies made ya do it?" / her & Gale INSTANTLY clocking the trap on the porch / the girlpower of them lighting the bitch up on the stove / shooting every door with no regard & "Christ, the same house!" / "I'm bored"... as much flaws as a lot of the 'legacy' fans say the film had, I think we're all happy to see her (potentially) go out on top with this role and performance.

    "I'll survive. Always do..."

    To quote Michelle Obama... "you have done it again. Constantly raising the bar for us all and doing it flawlessly."
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  19. She was great? Bizarre anyone who thinks otherwise. Also yelling at them fortelling it happening. Like the film literally said
  20. What the fuck is wrong with idiots posting spoilers on YouTube for the ending of Scream? Cunts. I wasn’t even looking for it and I was scrolling down, fuckers.
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