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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I am having mixed feelings. By no means was it a bad movie. It was thoroughly entertaining and although I had an issue with some of the pacing, overall it was a fun ride. So many thoughts though... so I'll shove them under a spoiler tag to not take up too much space.

    I suppose I went into it expecting this to be some kind of fresh take for the franchise and... it really isn't. It's Scream 5. If you hadn't seen Scream - Scream 4 you could still enjoy this I'm sure but you'd probably miss a lot of references and the backstory could be very confusing. It almost felt like, at times, it was a remake of Scream 4. I'm sure I'm alone in that thinking but some of the characters and the motives for the killers and their relationship to one another was just too similar for me.

    I only watched the first trailer and stopped anything following that as I didn't want spoilers. I sort of wish we hadn't seen a lot of the opening kill in that first trailer because it did lesson the impact for me. I was happy that it was a fresh approach though by having the opening not actually be a kill and that she survives until the end. I have to say, I thought Jenna Ortega was fantastic. I've never seen her in anything before but she did brilliant acting in this. I preferred her to Melissa Barrera (although she really did kick ass in the end).

    I will say I thought the kills were great. This felt like possibly the most brutal/bloody movie in the series. Judy's kill was one where I jumped out my seat and shouted ''fuck!'' Haha. Wes with the knife in his neck looked SO good. I loved the kills at the end too. Really well done.

    Gale felt underused to me and Sidney was good but neither offered much I thought. Dewey definitely made more sense and I almost wish they would have just had Dewey in this one. Maybe bring Gayle and Sidney back in a post credit scene with the idea of teasing fans they could return in a future movie. It just felt like shoe-horning these characters in at some points and on occasion too many characters to try and establish. I did laugh at Gale on TV talking about her bangs though!

    I enjoyed how they ended Dewey's story in this movie. Although it really made little sense - how did Ghostface survive multiple shots to the chest? I assume they were wearing a vest (but it was never explained or mentioned). Also how would someone like Amber over-power Dewey??

    The whole Billy thing... Meh. Didn't work for me. I just... didn't really like it.

    Overall, I had issues with the movie. I went in with super high expectations and came away feeling... satisfied but like I'd seen this movie before. I was hoping for some fresh take or a spin on previous ideas but it really was just a continuation. You could definitely tell this wasn't a Kevin Williamson/Wes Craven movie and that's completely fine but at times it felt like it was trying too hard to duplicate those movies instead of trying to pave its own way.

    Honestly, I don't know if this will do well enough to guarantee more sequels. I feel it's on the same level as Scream 4 so... who knows.

    I didn't hate this movie though. As a 5th installment of a favourite horror franchise, I'm happy to have this. It was enjoyable and I liked a lot of the new characters they introduced. The kills were great. I just wish the motives of the killers were more interesting and that the movie's producers/writers had tried doing something a little more original with their story.

    I may go see this again and second viewings may give me a different opinion but right now I'd give this movie a 7.5 (maybe an 8)/10 and I'd probably rank it alongside Scream 4. The first two films remain untouched for me and Scream 3 is still the worst.
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  2. Completely missed it! But I'm happy about it!! Here's hoping she can return.
  3. I have a lot of issues with this movie, to the extent it’s probably going to be the last Scream movie I watch whether there’s a sixth one or not, but the thing that keeps playing on my mind is the smallest detail: Stab continuity.

    How can this film simultaneously confirm that Scream 4 never became a Stab movie, yet tell us Judy was a character in one?

    And the line “Sidney’s in all but the last one.” No, she isn’t?? Did you girls watch the Scream movies before you wrote this screenplay?

    I’m also super confused that Sam, who is 25, left town five years ago, when she was 18, so Ghostface targeted high schooler Tara, who is 20. What?
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  4. Was there any significance in the Vince character getting killed? Was there any reason he was even a character really... But why did they kill him?
  5. He was something like Stu’s sisters kid?

    Also, Ghostface was definitely wearing a vest in the hospital, they showed a shot of the bullets to the post back up there that wasn’t sure.
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  6. Me if Amber killed me.

  7. Having 5 female characters and only one male character survive, I know that‘s gays rights.
  8. Oh man the (new) cast was going into some cinemas last night. Imagine them just casually walking in.
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  9. Hearing Red Right Hand again was all the significance needed.

    And probably to get a kill early in the movie since there wasn’t an opening one this time.
  10. Vince having one sentence, one stab and then being dead ddd.

    But we didn‘t have a kill yet. Still wish his death scene was longer.
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  11. Apparently Scott Foley is in this as an extra in one of the Stab scenes from when Roman was acting before becoming a director!

    Did anyone spot that ‘cause I sure didn’t?
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  12. I think he's on the Dawson's Creek episode, though!
  13. He's in the Dawson's Creek episode Tara was watching in the hospital, but apparently it's credited as Roman before he became a director.
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  14. I caught the YouTube one but completely missed this! It definitely seems like they’re setting up her return which would be great.
  15. I'm hoping that if there is a sequel then Sam is the killer, only maybe she doesn't know it. She really seemed to enjoy stabbing Richie, compared to Sidney and Gale who only did as much as they needed to to take down Amber.
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  16. Keeping Kirby alive but not using her for Scream5 is so smart.

    If the legacy characters don‘t return having Kirby back in Scream6 would be a real draw.
  17. I'm still fuzzy on the motive - was it literally "Make Stab great again?"

    Also really want to know what the name of the film-within-a-film is in the Stab universe? I hope it's Scream.
  18. When Dewey is on his knees, immediately before Ghostface says "It's an honour", he looks at Ghostface's chest and we see the black vest with several bullets embedded into it.

    I agree about the second point though. I mentioned that in a post too. Amber showed extreme physical strength for someone of her slight build.
    Yes, so Stab 8 had gone totally off the rails and was completely outrageous and had no connection to the earlier story, and the fandom was hating on it. Amber and Richie wanted to "redo" it in a sense of giving the moviemakers better source material by having another ghostface massacre.

    It was speaking to the toxic fanbase culture.
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  19. I've just realised...

    If Sam is Billy's daughter, then that makes her...

    Sam Loomis!

  20. Hell hath no fury!
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