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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. I kinda wish someone who make the Stab movies. Cheap, trashy slasher films they can just toss on streaming.
  2. I can't stop thinking about Sidney and Gale chucking Amber over the kitchen counter then setting her on fire. Iconic if you ask me.
  3. Ranking
    (Big gap)

    I've been defending 3 for a while but I rewatched recently and really is the weakest. Ghostface being able to change his voice to anyone is a massive franchise blip.
  4. Switching up a Psycho shower scene but with a guy. The Gays were fed.
  5. This is also my ranking although 3/4 keep swapping for me for different reasons!
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  6. 3 is so ridiculous and camp that I can't help but love it, even if it doesn't fit very well within the series.

    My ranking:

    1 = 2
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  7. Wes and Judy's deaths were straight-up mean but beautifully done. I can't stop thinking about the attack on the porch in broad daylight and Marley's petrified eyes. But then I think about her delivery of "I prefer animated movies and musicals" just moments before and suddenly I'm cry-laughing. That confusing mix of reactions is the sign of an exceptional Scream sequence.
  8. I found myself reacting to all those cleverly placed potions and lotions like ‘who on earth keeps all that crap on their sink’. I obviously had an ulterior motive.
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  9. In some way I would have loved if Amber/Ghostface died in the Dewey Hospital scene.

    Audience would have thought: Oh it‘s over just for Richie to continue.

    I loved Amber from that part on but it would be generally an interesting switch up if one killer would die mid-movie.
  10. I just watched 4 and Kirby is an icon I’m very willing to have back.

    I mean it was fun but also gave me ‘directed by Ryan Murphy’ reboot teas
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  11. The movie got a B+ cinemascore, the best one since Scream 2 (3 got a B and 4 got a B-)
  12. I'm reading through this thread slowly but I've so much to say I have to get my own thoughts out.

    • "Welcome to act 3" slayed me a bit. Mindy was the absolute star of this movie.
    • The movie commentary and meta stuff was done so well this time. Scream 4 tried and failed with that.
    • The re-qual scene, whew! Martha! The mantle piece was lovely, tacky and so Randy all at the same time. I eye-rolled when Mindy started the movie speech but by the end of it all I was thinking was I need to get a new laminator on Amazon because I was instantly a stan.
    • Stu's house, especially the shot that panned out from the front door gave me chills. My sister didn't recognise the house at first because it was dark for the party. She was shook when she realised it was Stu's. It was interesting that my sister didn't recognise it because the party from the original was so brightly lit but then I was thinking of Tara's call from the killer where she mentioned the original Stabs being so brightly lit but new movies being dark or something and it just felt like a nice touch.
    • Gale arriving was such a moment but Dewey seeming barely affected by Judy's death while he and Gale dissected what went wrong with their relationship felt like such a weird time to have that conversation.
    • The Billy visions were unnecessary but still shook me. Telling her where the knife was took it too far.
    • Sidney mentioning it all started with Billy when she knows full well it started with Roman seemed strange but maybe that's how she sees it.
    • The fake jump moments with Wes in the kitchen were so good. I think doing so many of them built way more suspense than it had any right to but it just worked so well. By the 3rd or 4th one I was still falling for it.
    • The flamethrowers in Stab 8 only for Amber to go up in flames was amazing. I hadn't seen the trailer so I didn't see that coming. I didn't see the handsanitizer so I was wondering what made her go up like that.
    • Sam was terrible until act 3. The bit where she was about to untie Tara but then hesitated was such a what the fuck moment when she wasn't even the killer. The way she went to town on Richie with the knife was her first decent performance. I fully expected her to turn around and then go after the others.
    • Thank god they didn't kill the whole new cast like 4 seemed to. Seeing Mindy and Chad at the end was reassuring for the sequels.
    • The chaos in Stu's kitchen took it up a notch from the original. Although when Sam and Amber were talking while Sidney and Gale sat on the floor I was getting annoyed at how Sidney and Gale had no dialogue. Also how did it take Sidney and Gale so long to come to the hall to see Sam? I'm going to assume they extinguished the fire so the whole house didn't go up but still weird priorities when one of the killers wasn't dead.
    • Dewey's death was done very well. But I thought he was about to kill one of the killers early in the movie which would've been an interesting take.
    • Amber and Mindy in the garage was flawless.
    • Sidney giving no fucks and shooting every door no matter who might've been behind them was amazing. I thought Richie would've been more angry about that.
    • When Gale was shot in the driveway I was like oh here we go again so thank god she came back for the finale. Although I was really hoping she came through that front door with the gun again.
    • The references to the previous movies fed us so well. I don't even think they over did it. I was enjoying everything about them and I had chills down the back of my neck.
    • I got oddly emotional at random times - not even Dewey's death but Sidney and Gale in the car together, Martha's house, "It's an honour", "I'm Sidney Prescott of course I have a gun" and then the reveal of the gun case in the boot of the car. Maybe I was just feeling very proud of the originals or something.
    • When Richie shouted "Prescott" in the hall I felt a bit like "how dare you say her name?"

    Also the Stab 8 thing... wasn't there some mention of calling one of the Stab movies just "Stab" trying to reboot the original? That was an interesting self-referential meta moment because maybe there was a Stab movie after Scream 4 and before Stab 8 that was called just "Stab". Maybe Jill did get her moment?

    I'd be completely fine if there wasn't another movie because that ending was final enough. But so much of the cast survived to take this forward and I don't think they'd need to lean on nostalgia so much for Scream 6. They better not kill off Mindy like they did with Randy. Make Tara the lead because Sam just wasn't good. I also loved that we didn't see Sidney's kids so they could cast them as anyone in the sequels - it wasn't worth showing two actors as her kids if they weren't ready to be used in the story yet. Kirby has to come back in Scream 6. I hope Hayden might be up for it by then.

    Sorry this post is such a mess but I needed to get my thoughts out.
  13. I YELLED when Sam was like “what do you want from me LADY?”. I hear the criticisms of Sam but honestly, by the end I thought she showed immense promise as a final girl, but her sister? We’re gonna stan that one.

    This film also showed how untouchable the chemistry between Gail and Sidney is. Every second they were on screen was joyous, it felt so effortless. Dewey simply is not needed, but we knew that already.

    Don’t have them in Scream 6, then bring them back for the blowout finale film where all bets are off.
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  14. BTG


    I will stop posting about this movie eventually I promise but one other thing I loved is the amount of real history and legacy in the movie.

    When Sid told Gale that she wasn't at fault for the murders just because she wrote The Woodsboro Murders, it was such a low key moment but huge for their relationship. For 25 years, they’ve been at best, civil, and at worst, hostile over the fact that Gale capitalised on Maureen’s death with that book. It felt like Sid finally forgave and by the final scene, they felt like friends for the first time ever.

    It puts Halloween Flops to shame with its bad attempts at manufacturing history in its… third attempt at a new timeline?
  15. I made the grave mistake of reading the Scream Reddit to see how triggered they were by the ending and oh my god. I think this motive is gonna age even better than 4’s now. I’ve seen so many posts say this was such a letdown after Scream 4 and even as a Jill Roberts apologist (I’ll always stan a psycho woman shooting her cheating boyfriend in the dick), I am baffled by how anyone can think 4 is better than this. I actually saw a post say that 4 had such a stronger cast and I almost chucked my phone.

    It’s solidly 1 > 5 > 2 > 4 > 3 for me with the first 3 being extremely close in quality.

    The more I think about it the more I think Miss Amber is tugging on Billy’s middle part for best killer. Sis was deranged in the best way possible. Welcome to Act 3 :) cannot be praised enough. Her running out to the porch, seeing the 2 Mother Icons not buying it and just saying fuck it only to try to weaponize her teen tears on them later was hilarious. Not even the legend Mrs Loomis was this comically unhinged.
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  16. They really should try switching things up more going forward though.

    It was a nice touch having the opening kill not be an actual kill. Love that. Then everything else was pretty much your bog-standard Scream movie.

    As someone said before - try a different approach; let's have Ghostface get killed and everyone thinks it's over only for a 2nd killer to crop up. Let's have a reveal where there's multiple Ghostfaces. Let's actually have that original Scream 4 ending where the killer does get away with it...
  17. I know they have to do the “they always come back”, but I think the only two criticisms I had were Amber coming back from that, and Sam hallucinating Billy telling her where the knife is.
  18. Scream
    Scream 2
    Scream (2022)
    Scream 4
    Scream 3

    3 and 4 are both pretty crap but at least 4 makes some attempt to scare, and has Jill Roberts.
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  19. 3 is worth being placed above 4 for the chase scene with Sidney on the set of Stab 3, Jennifer Jolie's 2-way mirror death, and the final confrontation between Sid and Roman.
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  20. My biggest concern with a potential 6th movie is that it's rushed. I'm worried that Paramount will be thrilled with the success of 5 and fast-track a 6th resulting in just a regular slasher movie. Part of why I love Scream so much is that it's cleverly written and always has something to say. Sprinting to do a 6th without a thoughtful approach would be a mess. They need to give it at least 5 years.
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