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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

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  2. Scream 2 was superior and came out a year later. If done right, which I’m sure it will be considering the care that went into this one, I don’t see why a wait that long is necessary.

  3. Screaming at the umbrella pic
  4. I want to live in a world where more people recognize the brilliance of 3.
  5. I don‘t think a quick 6cream would be a mess. If it‘s the same team. I am sure they have already thought of where the story could go. They clearly put things in their place to continue.

    Oh yeah about Amber I forgot it but I loved when she still tried to fool Gale and Sidney and tried the „too much pressure“ excuse.
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  6. I watched 3 again last night having only watched all of them a few weeks ago and 3 has so much replay value and it’s pure comedy. I really enjoyed it. I skipped 4 before seeing 5 today because I couldn’t get through it when I tried to watch it a second time with the deleted scenes a few weeks ago.
  7. The script and directing was so clever though, you could tell it was created by hardcore fans. It's small details, like the (incredible) hospital scenes - specifically the one with Tara wheeling herself painfully out her room... in most other horror movies you'd think "where the fuck are the nurses and security?!" but in this they showed the security guard bloodied at the desk.

    I was trying to also work out who was the killer at certain points:

    Tara: Amber at door (Ritchie in the house?)
    Vince: Ritchie (Amber was with the others in the bar)
    Judy: Ritchie
    Wes: Amber (Ritchie was outside waiting for Judy, while she was inside?)
    Tara and Dewey hospital: Amber (Ritchie was knocked out)
    Chad: Amber (Ritchie was driving Sam and Tara to Amber's house)
    Mindy: Ritchie (He'd just gone down to the cellar minutes before, Amber was busy leading Tara upstairs "for her inhaler")
  8. Edu


    Scream 2 > Scream (1996) > Scream (2022) > Scream 3 > Scream 4
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  9. Not reading anything here but I just came to say that I saw the trailer for this when I was watching House of Gucci, and then my ciggy friend made a confession that she hasn't seen any of the Scream films? Fix it Jesus.

    The trailer looks good. I can't wait to watch this next week!
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  10. I think they clearly made Scream 5 with storyline possibilities for a 6 in mind if it's successful. With the same team, and cast it could be another instalment superior to 3 and 4.
  11. 36 million opening.
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  12. ddd they're not wrong though are they.

    Scream 4 had some clunkers—hello, Olivia and Trevor—but at least we spent a huge amount of time with Sid, Gale, Dewey, Jill, Kirby, and even Hicks. Other than Tara, Sam and Richie, everyone else in this film was... Just Olivia and Trevor all over again. The performances were better, but what good is that when you can't be bothered to write any actual scenes for them? Everyone got like three scenes and done and there wasn't really much chance to get to know anyone. And, no, making references to Liv not being interesting doesn't excuse you from having written a boring character, Jesus Christ.

    The worst, the most unforgivable, is the way this movie hands Gale and Sidney. I mean, Jesus Christ, hollow shells of what they once were. Kill them both in the Scream 6 opening for all I care after that shitshow.
  13. Yep, it's definitely in the mid-$30m range unless it's extremely frontloaded. Which is a possibility, given the need to see it quickly and avoid spoilers.

    Scream 3 actually increased from Friday to Saturday and ended up with $34m, so that seems reasonable.

    This is a holiday weekend too, so they'll be tracking a 4 day opening. Could well get to $40m and that would look great. Either way, it's easily number 1 for the weekend, which also looks good.

    Scream 6 here we come.
  14. Scream 4 had way more uninteresting characters than just Olivia & Trevor though? Jenny, Marnie, Officer Perkins, Officer Hoss, Kate. None of them really added anything to the movie. I agree that the new cast in 5 needed more development but to paint the cast/characters of 4 as better developed & superior is just revisionism, the characters in 4 are easily the weakest of all the films outside of the obvious. Also Sidney & Gale kicked ass in this film. The emotion after Dewey’s murder? Literally chucking the killer over a kitchen island and then setting her on fire? A scream.

    I would be completely fine with Sidney & Gale taking a very small cameo in Scream 6 and giving the new cast the full attention though, I think that would help out the underdevelopment critiques.
  15. Double Scream 4? The way we’re getting a new trilogy.
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  17. I think Gail and Sidney were handled effortlessly. The sense of them being so over it just worked perfectly, and the way we didn’t get yet another movie of them being at odds and instead had a genuine sense of friendship between them. They were paper-thin characters in 4, to the point where Gail was honestly a little unrecognisable and Sidney may well have not bothered showing up. Sidney especially had the edge back that she’d been missing since her battle with Roman. Her entire vibe this time around was very: “fuck you… FUCK YOU”.

    I’m honestly so baffled at the idea of someone watching them on screen during 5 and thinking anything but “that’s my mums up there”, they passed the torch so brilliantly while still being integral to moving the story on.
  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Heading to the theater in 30 and had to hop off of Twitter. People were hashtagging it so much on my timeline I wasn't taking the risk of being spoiled.

  19. Melissa and Mickey picking Jennifer Jolie around the 4 minute mark. Yeah they are my new moms.
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