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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. How come nobody has released an actual book version of "The Woodsboro Murders by Gale Weathers"?
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  2. I feel like you can still find creative ways to use Gale potentially, but I’d definitely rest Sidney. By giving her at least one child in a stroller, clearly they’re setting up an ultimate trilogy for her similar to what we are currently getting with Halloween. Let her chill while her kids grow up and focus on these new characters plus Kirby.

    Gale is in New York which is a unique location for a slasher film and a realistic hub for people to live in. That could be a realistic way to tie in Gale, the Scream 5 survivors and Kirby in a way that makes sense and is fresh.
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  3. The thought of multiple sequels built around Emma Roberts is horrifying.
  4. Someone just tried to murder her daughter and she’s “stuck in a conference in London”? I don’t think. I wish they’d just written her in as someone who Sidney recognised and went to school with. She would have been a much more interesting killer as well actually… had a child with a serial killer as a teenager, husband leaves her when he finds out, daughter becomes a problematic then abandons the family, they hinted at her having a drinking problem. Missed opportunity.
  5. She can still be a killer in Scream6. Would actually mirror Ms. Loomis.
  6. Still can't get over how good the opening phone call was. Loved having Ghostface go back to giving his target a false sense of security before things start ratcheting up. Jenna and Roger ate that scene!
  7. I have my large Diet Coke and I am fucking ready to Scream
  8. Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate that Gale goes to that final showdown wearing stilettos?

    She’s there with the sole intention of murdering someone and knowing she’ll have to fight for her life, and she still does it in heels. A style icon.

    We can ignore the t shirt, she obviously didn’t want to get her red suit stained.
  9. Yes indeed.

    But they were grossly underprepared going into that house. Why Sid didn't have bulletproof vests in that car, along with the double handguns, I do not know. She knows better than that.
  10. How would Sidney even allow her psychotic, sociopathic niece who she knows is a murderer to enroll on the same college she teaches at, like how would that even work.
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  11. They could have said she forgot and had a trauma. But yeah still stupid.
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  12. monicagellerIKnow.gif
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  13. Sidney got banged on the head at the end of 4. The idea was that she would survive but have amnesia in the next movie.

    We were truly blessed by not having to see that.
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  14. I can't describe how much I hate the main character having amnesia trope. Hate it.
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  15. It was definitely very front loaded but at least it made it to the 30s (just). Hopefully the estimates hold or it increases a bit.
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  16. I enjoyed it, though I really can't see any sequel potential. Nothing was done with Sidney or Gale, which isn't really a good thing when they're the characters we've spent years rooting for, but also I did like Sam and Tara a lot. It's better than Scream 3 and 4, of course.
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  17. As much as I was excited for this one because the OG were included, I feel like Sidney and Gale got closure with Dewey’s death. He was both their only remaining link to Woodsbooro and they played it really well on this one, but I don’t see how they could include Sidney in future films without making her a Sarah Connor coming to save the day. And the franchise don’t need to add any more family trauma.
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  18. BTG


    I truly can’t believe Gale had that iconic red suit and then put on that hideous t-shirt. Probably her worst look of the franchise. I was appalled.
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  19. Paramount going with a $35m 4 day, a very reasonable -38% Monday estimated drop. That’s a good sign they haven’t went with an unrealistic hold.

    Very happy to see it back in the 30’s. I imagine without Omicron it would’ve been in the 40’s.
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