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The Scream Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by johnny_tsunami, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Did Kirby definitely die?
  2. Has it been mentioned that David Arquette has taken full responsibility for THE HAIR? Apparently he convinced Courtney to get it, thinking it would be a cute Bettie Page look considering the themes of the movie.

    Obviously I don’t think he meant for her to do it HERSELF with some crayola scissors.
  3. Need to get in that building. Is there a story in that building?
  4. *Finger points* “You’re obsessed with her...” *Finger pointing (((intensifies)))* “And you’re obsessed with her DAUGHTER!!!”
  5. Fucking perfectly translated into text. I hope that’s how it was written in the script. Although I know it wasn’t. I know that everything that was made of those lines came from Parker Posey alone.
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  6. I would say yes, she was stabbed in the gut with a hunting knife and left to bleed out. I would say she would have only had a few minutes to live.

    She probably would have survived if there was a ‘5’.
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  7. Scream supergroup - Kirby, Judy Jurgenstern, Gale, Debbie Salt and Deputy Judy Hicks.
  8. If they were GA, Gale would be Cheryl.
  9. I legit rewind this bit several times when watching. Hilarious!
  10. Haha when I first watched that scene I thought, “What does that even mean? It doesn’t make sense! What’s her lawyer got to do with it?”

    Now I can’t get through a week without saying it to somebody (and it only partially being a joke!!).
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  11. It’s not wise to patronise someone with the ‘Scream Quadrilogy and Still Screaming documentary’ boxset GodsAndMonsters.

  12. Good old fashioned

  13. Wes Craven being a petty bitch and naming Sarah Darling in ‘Scream 3’ after Sarah Michelle Gellar is hilarious considering Wes comes across so proper and like a sweet, grandfather type.

    Apparently Sarah was a bit too ‘creatively involved’ in how she saw Cici’s scene going down and it pissed Wes off and he would always address her “Oh Sarah, Darling.”

    Heather Langenkamp would Nevaaah!

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  14. Interesting. What exactly was her issue with her scene?
  15. BTG


    Excuse me. Pardon consummate professional, Sarah Michelle Gellar, for having issues with Scream 2 and its leaky ass set and constant rewrites.

    Anyone who has worked with Sarah will tell you she’s professional to a fault. She shows up, knows her lines, knows her mark and expects the same. Queen of performance.
  16. She’s watching Scream 2, sistren.
  17. Also Cici's main scene is one of the most iconic deaths in horror history, so she clearly knew what she was doing by getting involved.
  18. [​IMG]

    A motherfucking serve.
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  19. aux


    All the women in the Scream franchise can say fag
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